'This is Not Mythology': Archaeologists Dig Up the Bible at Ancient City of Shiloh

‘This is Not Mythology’: Archaeologists Dig Up the Bible at Ancient City of Shiloh



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  1. Like what they are doing but they speak questionable things, the bible doesn't come alive when you dig up archaeology the bible comes alive when you be a doer or the word and live it out. It comes alive when you dig into it and engrain it into your heart and mind

  2. If all this is true about dividing Jerusalem up, then it would appear that trump may have mis judged things.

    It would assume that trump may have forgotten that the Palestinians are part of in a Islam religious war against Israel and the world.

    Under their Islam religion, Israel can't ever be truly accepted, for to accept Israel, is to deny themselves their religious way to their Islam heaven that they desire to occur and believe to be true.

    This desire is throughout all radical Islam nations and that is why these radicals fight so hard against Israel's right to the land of Israel that Palestinians regard as their own Palestinian land.

    Apparently Trump may have misjudged these issues as Palestinians can be bargained with as if they were a normal free world country where the economies are driven by money,

    But those Islam nations and peoples are not so driven by the need of money because they want Israel to not exist in Islam's cause of creating Islam in the land of Israel, which that land is believed to be Palestinian by the Palestinians.

    All these past fightings by Islam to dominate Israel to destroy Israel, has caused the Palestinians to live in a world of destruction,

    And because of that, Islam has grown to be accepted of the Palestinians, and that has made in the eyes of the Palestinians:

    The workings of a free world economy to Palestinians, is as a foreign language to the Palestinians, that no one understands well, if at all by the Palestinians.

    So radical Islam will continue, and Israel will be pushed someday, to take the promise land or continue to live in despair: As concerning Israel's right to exist.

    So true peace for Israel, can only come by the way of scripture, as therefore Israel must go and claim the land, saith God.

    10 24 18 RDW

  3. We don't need proof, but it is wonderfully exciting to see the Bible keeps coming alive. Being now retired, I'll gladly offers my services for free forever if I can assist. PS the world has got all the proof it needed yet "…nobody is as blind as he that doesn't want to see"

  4. Imagine finding the sapphire tables of stone the ten commandments magnifying the sabbath the 4th commandment signifying God as the ultimate Creator desiring one day for recognition from His people?

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