‘We Don’t Trust Russia' : Nikki Haley Lowers The Boom on Putin, Puts Iran on Notice

‘We Don’t Trust Russia’ : Nikki Haley Lowers The Boom on Putin, Puts Iran on Notice



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  1. Hold your horses Nikki "we don't trust Russia", you are not a royal yet Nikki. And "we" is just  you and your miserable friends in deep state. Whether Putin speaks to  Nikki Haley or whether Putin sits down with ebola sick child, its all about understanding each other. And whether Nikki Haley continues to be sick and dillusional about "assad chemical weapons" or "arming Mexicans , Venezuelians and Cubans against Americans", all things can be put on the table. The rest  of America says:" We do trust  Russia, we will be competing partners and we will be building a good political and economic  relationship for the sake of peace and security in the world".

  2. the US terrorist # 1 which invaded Iraq showing a fake test tube, destroyed Afghanistan and Libya, killed 3 independent states' presidents and created the IGIL for intervention in Syria, made a coup in Ukraine – does not trust Russia! ahahahaaaa))))

  3. In politics friends and enemies change from time to time, and never and forever not the words of politics. Any wise and great person must avoid the use of both the words as it brings hate, violence and xenophobia which a civilized human beings don't want. We Indians want our government should continually strive for friendly relationship towards China as well Pakistan. It's very very bad to use never.

  4. Hysterical Haley is a Deep State/MIC tool… a warmonger. A lying sack of pig offal. Trump has picked some REALLY foul traitors to be on his staff and in his cabinet… hope he wakes up soon, and fires the vile Sessions, Wray and Rosenstein… Mnuchin… Ross… I mean… WTF!?!?!?

  5. The US in 2018 is a very different animal from what it was
    in 1945. Now it resembles more a lumbering giant. Gone is its former economic
    prowess and its arteries are sclerotic with its

    internal social decay and malaise. Crucially, too, the
    lumbering American giant has " squandered any moral strength " it may have had in
    the eyes of the world.


    Its veil of morality and democratic principle may have
    appeared credible in 1945, but that cover has been torn asunder by the
    countless wars and nefarious intrigues over the ensuing decades to reveal a
    pathological warmonger."

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