Build a Better Gut to Prevent Liver Disease, Cancer, Alzheimer's and More

Build a Better Gut to Prevent Liver Disease, Cancer, Alzheimer’s and More



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  1. This is not new news. Alternative/complementary medicine has known this and has been practicing improving gut biome for decades. Allopathic medicine is way behind in telling their patients this vital information. We've been antibioticed to death, literally, in this country, which is contributing to a majority of these disease processes. Dr Hyman, thank you for being on the main stream side and speaking out about this issue!!! The information on leaky gut is out there, learn about it and build your immune system.

  2. Oh curiosity 2019, I've just scrolled down to make a similar statement. This man hasn't reached his retirement date, he's WELL PAST IT. Listening to him is embarrassing; he's slow, his voice sounds extremely decrepit. Please people of influence (family & staff at CBN etc.), deal with this situation.

  3. 2 months of being carnivore tried keto first for 2weeks however i can still feel the joint pains until I found carnivore diet the joint pains were gone after doing all meat diet! No turning back!

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