Pastor John Gray, Bishop Harry Jackson, Others Accused of 'Uncle Tomming' in Trump Meeting, Their Re

Pastor John Gray, Bishop Harry Jackson, Others Accused of ‘Uncle Tomming’ in Trump Meeting, Their Response Is Powerful



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  1. Y'all as blacks are going to hell so are whites god's people are of faith not white or black which has a wicked agenda for god says the nation's despise the poor and the needy and the fatherless,and the widow which none of these people stand for

  2. This guy is a complete sellout! Yes you can advocate for something from the outside, specially if the inside is wrong. The Bible is full of examples: Moses, Jesus – all outsiders who changed their communities! This guy wrote a book with Tony Perkins, aka scum of humanity, this guy is no better! They are reaching into people’s wallets without caring they are corpses. What would Jesus do?!? Throw those Mo’Fos out of the church! Mathew 21:12 – and this is an Atheist telling you you are a charlatan! I’ve met people that actually believe in the words of the Bible and while I may not agree with them, I respect they live to what they preach! Trump,Most pro black president?!? That is why people like you are horrible, you kill your own while smiling and telling everyone looking at you that you are helping them out! Trump has not only eliminated opportunities for all minorities, he has removed most of their representatives and has actively incited his followers to attack them!

  3. If you're a believer stop being blinded by race. That's a serious stronghold the enemy has over this nation, and he's got it dug in good in the heart of black America. Do you think Jesus wouldn't talk to Trump ? Grow up, (spiritually), grace knows no color.

  4. Many people in the African American community that are calling these Black pastors uncle toms for meeting with President Trump are the same ones supporting Planned Parenthood and the LGBTQ agendas, and political candidates that champion those agendas without taking a second thought and that's a #FACT!

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