Did a Group of Black Pastors Sell Their Soul to Trump?

Did a Group of Black Pastors Sell Their Soul to Trump?



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  1. Doing the right thing – tends not to be politically correct these days. Doing right by Our Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, is what matters. More Christians need to read their bibles and seeking God First with ALL of their hearts – then speak with Wisdom, Understanding and with Kindness.

  2. He IS the President sir not Mr.
    Now. If you want to help the President to bring change to your area then it's time to help him. Always be Critical of our President shows you have a critical spirit and need deliverance. So as long as we agree with you we are ok once we have a different option we are heretics. You need to look into the mirror. We Christian need to pray for all people.

  3. The 2016 election was a miracle. It was not Democrat vs. Republican. It was the children of God hearing the Lord's voice, "Trump is my chosen for president." Any person claiming to be a Christian and voted for Jezebel has to ask themselves, "Do I hear God's voice?" or am I saved just because I warm a pew?

  4. I don't see how anyone can be true Christians and yet not be on the president's side who is trying to help prisoners change for the better by getting saved.
    I don't think anyone who is a liberal can be even true Christians when values embraced by liberals are all against biblical values.

  5. "African american christians" got mad at a man of God meeting with the president of their country? Something is wrong with calling them "Christians" when they are so hostile to their leaders, as if they don't know what Jesus told us to do about our leaders.

  6. It is unfortunate that the black community has such hatred for whites and it is not seen as that. I thought we were all supposed to love one another and seek the greater good. These pastors were trying to help their communities. Why isn't it being reported that way?

  7. Let's pray for them . Our assignment is to pray for our Leaders if we claim we truly love our country. God is in control whether anybody like a it or not. He will always have the final word in our lives. . The Bible says do not touch my anointed. . God bless them. .

  8. I would not have gone to the White House to sit with a man so full of hate and lies. It is my understanding that the Ministers were Not allowed to speak, so what did they accomplish. Trump has demonstrated over and over again he listens to NO ONE.

    If you want to pray, you can pray for at home without being used for a photo opt

  9. I do not think that all Christians are angry about the pastors meeting with 45. Of course the Bible say pray for our leaders, cry loud and spare not, the leaders need to be truthful, respectful, integrity etc.

  10. I've noticed CBN taking a stand that prompts viewers to question Trump's legitimacy as president. It is one thing to oppose the opinions of a standing official it's quite another to discredit a person in office through godless insinuations and assertions.

    The fall in Eden came about because the serpent tempted Eve to question God's truth and then asserted God was lying. Liberal pastors who ignore the scriptures to push a particular narrative ought to take note. By taking such an approach to God's appointed they will be subject to a harsher judgment because they are leaders of the people.

    May God bless the pastors in this video who respect the scriptures and are trying to help the President to do what is right with prayer and advice.

  11. Pastors think 🤔 because of their status or whatever else in these churches are hoping to gain their congregation mines but little do they know…. just because we are in your congregation listening it doesn’t mean that we agree on how you analyze the scriptures. We do read the BIBLE TOO📖!!

  12. This is how the left operates: demonize African Americans, including pastors, who have a different approach. Maybe the criticism would cease if they would tell Trump to accept illegal aliens and Middle East ISIS, sorry, refugees

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