Dinesh D’Souza Releases New Movie, Death of  a Nation

Dinesh D’Souza Releases New Movie, Death of  a Nation



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  1. Everyone should watch Dinesh D'Souza movie " Hillarys America ". You will never trust or vote for a Democrat again. Especially minorities should watch it. We've been lied to for generations.

  2. I assume that CBN is really after the truth and would not purposely give a platform to half truths. Unfortunately D'Souza deals in half truths and cherry picking. For one, the old Democrats are the new Republicans without doubt. That is why republicans control the deep south where slavery was prevalent – certainly republicans did not migrate to the south. He will, of course, conveniently leave this obvious fact out in his misleading narrative that the current day democratic party was the party of slavery. This is only one of many misrepresentations that he knowingly pedals.

  3. Of course this is all nonsense. If the Republican Party is truly the "Party of Lincoln", why are Republican states in support of Confederate monuments. Why do Southern Whites (who lean heavily towards Republican) still fly the Confederate flag? It is shameful that CBN (which is watched by Christians not only in USA, but in places like Africa) decided to associate itself with this nonsense.

    At the end of the day, I will worship Christ. And Jesus is not an American or a Republican. I know who I serve, this divisiveness will not get in my way.

  4. I, own the movie, I, watch @ least once a mounth! Should be shown in every History class, in every school in America! It's great-show's the real Demarat party in America! You should not get a Hi School diploma without a Certificate-that states you have seen this-the truth will set you free?

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