'Drag Queen Story Hours' Expose Pre-Schoolers to What Some Parents Call 'Gender Insanity'

‘Drag Queen Story Hours’ Expose Pre-Schoolers to What Some Parents Call ‘Gender Insanity’



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  1. A lot of the LBGTQP🌈 community are pedophiles🍥💟 and mentally ill. The (P) in LBGTQP means pedophile🍥💟. And these two emoji symbols the first one🍥 is the little boy lover symbol and the second one💟 is the girl lover symbol. These symbols and more are on the FBI's website. The drag queen story people say good morals, values and diversity, yeah sure for pedophiles. The saddest part of all this satanic pedophile propaganda agenda is the governments worldwide is pushing this. And in one drag queen story time telling Library event snipers guarding the drag queens event. Law enforcement and Military will do whatever they're told whether it's right or wrong good or bad. In law enforcement or military you do what they say or you'll be dealt with or worse.

  2. This is called indoctrination . This is absolutely not ok. Their lifestyle is being pushed on to children to accept theLGBT community or worse. You know we can't say prayers in our schools and yet these people can teach a lifestyle to our kids. Crazy and no way!!!!

  3. And they should call them Dirt queen they shouldn't even use the word Queen for them because they're trying to portray that their women, they look like monsters they are disrespectful to women they will never be a woman and every time I see those animals I get sick. I will be attending one of these story times.

  4. Next it'll be if men don't date Dirt queenz they will go to jail.. what mother want them to cease carrying dirty ball men around their children I believe these parents are touching these kids inappropriate. Imma get AOC on top of this they're raping kids

  5. Sad im all for drag queens doing a show at a bar for entertainment but not for reading a book and teaching twerking to a 2 yr old. Nooooo. The big plan is do back ground checks. Seems lots of child molesters been popping up doing this. Smh

  6. I’m gay and in my 50s – drag queens reading stories to little kids ? It makes me sick! I never needed a drag queen to read to me! In my city we already found one of these drag queens served time for raping an 8 year old child .
    Drag queen or not – there should be back ground checks on anyone working with children
    Stop voting democrat ! # WalkAway

  7. Pretending and playing are innocent and healthy activities in childhood. Adult men dressing up in women's clothing and parading around is anything but innocent and healthy. Exploiting the innocence in children by exposing them to pedophilia should absolutely be a criminal offense. Decency and purity is under attack by these perverts.

  8. Obviously there is an agenda behind this. If they really wanted to showcase diversity, why not let people or various physical and mental capabilities read to children? No! Only men in drag are a part of this scheme…. 🤔

  9. WHERE ARE ALL THE CHRISTIAN PROTESTORS?! Total blasphemy and a sin against the God of the bible. This has to stop, children should not be brainwashed like this! NOTHING sexual should be introduced to children of these ages. THIS IS DANGEROUS for children. CHILD ABUSE!

  10. It's a lot more than gender insanity. In NYC, they got little Desmond doing private "shows" for old men.

    I sure hope the government is smart enough to put an end to this open child abuse and grooming of children, lest they become overthrown and replaced.

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