Jerusalem Dateline: 8/17/18 Fulfilling Prophecy: Americans Immigrate to Israel

North American Jews fulfill prophecy as they return to Israel; and a look at what it’s like for immigrants when they arrive; plus British Labor Party Leader lays wreath at graves of Palestinian terrorists’ involved in 1972 Munich Olympics massacre.



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  1. If you think Jesus would be pleased to bring American Jews to Israel to fight and kill those who need Jesus Salvation and forgiveness then you are very deceived. In fact there are Some Palestinian Christians that are living there now. Do you think God loves this?

  2. A good idea Israelites
    You go home to your homeland then the Muslims will be in America
    Fair isn't it
    Dont blame the Arabs assimilation in the Americans society
    The jews waited 2000 years to return
    The muslims waited 1400 years to migrate to Europe US

  3. Sonia… I hope all the jews will be in Israel before end times
    In the Thorah Bible and Quran have stated that the jews will return to Palestine to be punished
    In their holy books of scriptures said god will punish 7 times more of thier deeds n sins
    See how god planned it
    May Allah bless mankind

  4. TRUE ISRAEL, is the negro people, scattered to the four corners of the earth by ship (deut 28:64-68),

    Who are oppressed and crushed (deut28:33)

    Who are hated of all nations (Mathew 24:9)

    Who are In financial ruin and poverty (deut28:43-44) (revelation 2:9)

    Whos sons and daughters were taken and sold into slavery (deut28:41)

    Who live in fear day and night never sure of their lives (deut28:66-67)

    Who are a object of horror, ridicule and a byword among all the nations they have been scattered to. (Deut28:37)

    Who are a prey and a spoil and are mass incarcerated (Isaiah 42:22)

    Who's oppressors slay them and hold themselves not guilty (Zechariah 11:5)

    Who have forgotten who they are and serve their enemies in a strange land (Jeremiah 17:4)

    All who have found us have devoured us.

    2esdras 6:54

    54 And after these, Adam also, whom thou madest lord of all thy creatures: of him come we all, and the people also whom thou hast chosen. 55 All this have I spoken before thee, O Lord, because thou madest the world for our sakes 56 As for the other people, which also come of Adam, thou hast said that they are nothing, but be like unto spittle: and hast likened the abundance of them unto a drop that falleth from a vessel. 57 And now, O Lord, behold, these heathen, which have ever been reputed as nothing, have begun to be lords over us, and to devour us. 58 But we thy people, whom thou hast called thy firstborn, thy only begotten, and thy fervent lover, are given into their hands. 59 If the world now be made for our sakes, why do we not possess an inheritance with the world? how long shall this endure?

  5. If they were coming back because of acknowledgement of Jesus the Messiah of the New Testament that would be correct. That is not what is happening here. The total number of Messianic Jews in Israel is 20,000 compared to the 6.3 Million population.

  6. But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.

    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    – so unless a person believes in Jesus; they have no access and are not Jews.
    No exception.

  7. What a blessing for Aliyah Jews. May they find shalom in Israel. So expensive to live there, have to be rich, not every Jew can immigrate no matter how great their desire. Grace to the exiled people (2 thousand years).

  8. We are in exile until TMH returns. Those people getting off those planes are going against TMH. TMH's people don't burn in the sun…..and that land hasn't known peace since we were exiled. You know what is about to happen.

    Read my name….


  9. It is great to see prophecy happening before our eyes, but I would like to also see the black Jew and Jews of other nationalities returning and if they are as welcomed as those considered white Jews. I was very surprised to see and hear of racism against the black Jews from the european Jews. I would think after how racist the white Jew were treated in europe that they would be the first at the airports to welcome the black Jews, because you are all Jews whom God loves equally. God Bless Israel!!!!

  10. The arabs recently renamed palestinians kill their own children by using them in areas that they know they will be killed so they can then vilify and demonize Israel. There never was a people called plalestinians it was a name made up by yasser very arafat, who died mumbling to himself. Yet the arab youth are being taught in schools that all Israel belonged to them, so they teach their children outright lies. The arabs have always wanted everything that Israel had, they even stole their religion , but adapted it for themselves., I pray Israel will never give up the west bank, or have another arab terror state on their doorstep. If Israel agrees to a two state solution the very day that state is announced the terrorist will move in just as they did in gaza. It is far better for Israel to fight to the last man, and I believe it is going to come to that. Right now muslims have the whole world held hostage, eating out of their hand and willing to form a coalition army to destroy Israel, I hope and pray that Israel is fully prepared for this invasion of their ancient home land, the very land that God Himself gave to and swore to bring them back to. Every Jew in Israel belongs there black or white and I pray that God will place into every Jewish heart to return to the homeland. God Bless Israel !!!

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