Kathie Lee Gifford: 'I Don't Want Religion in My Life'

Kathie Lee Gifford: ‘I Don’t Want Religion in My Life’



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  1. Right on! She is absolutely 100% right. What a breath of fresh air (such a cliché, I know, but how else to express the liberation her perspective brings?). I hope people listen to her on a deep level and absorb her perspective on a deep level. "People call themselves Christians and have never even read the Bible." I also hope the haters stay away.

  2. Well, i do not want Cathy Lee in my life. Why cannot she go back to doing cruise commercials or for Sheraton. tTis is getting old. Please go take care of Frank and the family and be grateful you have them in your life. Oh please! Go see if your friends can see you now,

  3. CBN…I'm confused. Is this the same Kathie Lee that promotes drinking goblets of wine at 10 in the morning on national tv? That could lead weaker, or new Christians down the wrong path or send the wrong message. And she's saying "we're so lukewarm…!" ?????

  4. Kathie Lee works in a very demonic industry !!! I would rather stay veey far away from her, plus she is suppose to be a old women, but she is aging backwards, looking younger, weird……

  5. I suppose she's seen hypocrites manifesting the religious spirit instead of The Holy Spirit. Abusive religious leaders have done a lot of damage and totally misrepresent the God I know. If Jesus was walking the earth today, He would treat them like the Pharisees he exposed 2000 years ago. They still exist. You know them by their love of money.

  6. the holy land? Israel slaughters 3,000 people, some are Christians, on a seven year cycle, it seems like. But that's not the bad part. Not one of the seven billion Christians ever opens their mouth to protest the holy land slaughters. Only guy who ever complains is Farakhan. I'd like to see Haggee say something about Yahu's killings of Palestinians.

  7. I thought she was enlightened and realised there is no god but she is a religion nut, she believes in one of thousands of made up gods, love your family friends and health and base you life on being the best person, we don’t need religion,

  8. Israel is not the holy land. There was never a land called Israel. Israelites settling in a land that had people living in it doesn’t make it Israel. The whole of Middle East is holy because every single prophet of God lived there. That includes the Arabian peninsula like Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, and Palestine.

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