Christian World News – August 24, 2018

Christian World News – August 24, 2018



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  1. Let him practice his Faith take your money somewhere else if it offends you..
    God bless this man for standing firm to his Faith! Send Angels to be about him always to protect him. Let no weapon formed against him prosper in the name of JESUS!

  2. Leave him alone. He don’t deserve this harassment, yes harassment. Stop in Jesus’ name. Let them go somewhere else. Typical of them . Lord I pray let your angels surround him and protect him I also pray for the covering of Your precious Blood be upon him right now in Jesus’ mighty name amen.

  3. what happened to any business. Private or commercial refusing business for any reason. such hate for saying no. the gay and transverder world pushes their choice of lifestyle down anyines throat. I can be kind to any one if them but don't hate. me and even want to harm fir my feelings about the issue. Jesus moves all sinners and Jesus has. brought many out of this lifestyle. pray fir this mans enemies and stand firm in your values and faith. my brother was gay. I know all about the world of gays and transgender. so many if them need the love real love of Jesus. but we can be firm a d June in saying no. go Jack go

  4. What about those “Football players” who were kneeling down during the National anthem of America? No one force them to stand up…so same with that guy…LEAVE HIM ALONE…let those ppl go somewhere else to bake their cake or they might as well bake their own.

  5. Christians have been persecuted every since Christ, Rome killed them by the hundreds of thousands, and then when the Roman emperor Constantine came into power and adopted Christianity not long after that the Roman Catholic Church was killing them by the hundreds of thousands. Martin Luther, John Wesley, John Wycliffe, just to name a few. The Apostle Paul said all that will live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution, we already know it's coming it's already here, but God has an eternal destination for all those that hate him. It's written in the scriptures, and Jesus said the scriptures can't be broken so we might lose some things, our brothers and sisters lost their lives in the days of old so if we lose our job, or our house car money that's a small price to pay for eternal life my dear brother, my dear sister, so let's be faithful unto death Jesus will give us a Crown of Life!!!

  6. He should just tell them that he doesn't carry the gay statues on top of the cake. Just make the cake without the statue and who cares what they use it for. You can't follow people around to make sure they are eating your cake the way you think it should be eaten…just my opinion but I think you would have avoided a lot of legal and moral issues. -Linda H.

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