Christian World News – August 31, 2018

Is a wave of revival about to hit the globe? President Donald Trump honors top evangelical leaders at the White House. And, a sex abuse scandals rock the Catholic Church.



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  1. The democrats will do “ONLY WHAT GOD ALLOWS THEM TO DO”. John 15:5 says “without me ye can do nothing”. God raises up kings and takes down kings. Christians “just do what you are called to do – PREACH THE GOSPEL”.

  2. John McCain was not a Christian he was a NWO satanic puppet….You people have no shame do you? Another thing….If the satanic catholic churches was gonna fix child rape in the church don't you think they would of did it 20-30 years ago instead of covering it up for 30 years! Shameful cowards!

  3. Revival can't come if not understand Trinity..

    Without pray more than 10 times a day…
    ( everyday without miss ).
    How the Trinity come to you..?

    Understand the Trinity first..

    Pure Roman Catholic Malaysia.
    0809 Malaysia time

  4. Trump has to pray for discernment to determine who are the true prophets and faith leaders and not allow any so called leaders to lay hands on him and pray over him. Paula white was an adulterer and had not yet come clean about it. John McCain is a Mormon. As all Protestant Christians know, Mormonism is cult. Joe Biden is a paedophile, a lecher.
    America, repent and renounce your sins and ask for forgiveness. HE is faithful and just to forgive those truly repent. Yes I do believe revival will come to America for the fact that the American missionaries have been bringing the gospel in Jerusalem to Judaea and Samaria and to the uttermost parts of the world it is precisely for this reason God has granted four years of grace under Trump’s rule. God bless America!

  5. Read and learn the Holy Bible,ask Holy Spirit to guide our mind,there is nowhere mention about tsanami about revival
    Men are so wicked nowadays,they try to change God's words for their own benefits and selfiness
    God's words is God's words
    His yes is yes and no means no
    One thing is confirmed the world will be destroyed by fire
    Still time to repent!!!!

  6. what is your idea of the God spell(good news) my friend's
    some preach the person of Jesus, not his message, some say just believe and yet keep transgressing yet it is written go out and preach the good news of the kingdom of God, be baptized for the remission of sin and if you love Me (IAM) keep my commandments(all 10) .your thoughts ,shalom.

  7. Brainwash programming for after the church leaves. New world order will bring all relgions into one. Real christians know Christ is here right now. Either you picked him or not, time is too short. So, holy spirit says your savior is here…man says "huge revival" aka gathering all religions into one. Trump is a demon/in with the pope, not a real Christian. Kenneth copeland and Paula white laid hands on him for crying out loud. Biggest frauds, wolf's in sheeps clothing. This channel has sadly fallen to the wicked one years ago….. See you in the clouds brothers and sisters! Come Jesus

  8. Is someone at Google taking the …. by changing words as I press the send button? The Toronto man was BENNY HIN! HOORAY AT LAST. I agree with that other persons comment too that the man in this latest SO CALLED revival is not leading a Bible endorsed, TRUE HOLY SPIRIT led Biblical revival of humble Godliness. Jesus said "MANY are called, but FEW are chosen. No one need lose heart simply it means that "BROAD is the gate and WIDE is the way that leads to destruction( as it colourful, popular, fun filled, no rules or sacrifices just grace alone with no effort needed); BUT straight is the gate and narrow the way (that means 1 John 2 :15-17/Romans 12:2; laying you all on the altar of Christ's sacrafice says Phillipians, a life of total selflessness for Jesus) that leads to eternal life, and FEW there be that find it!

  9. Operation Mockingbird was an alleged large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (FBI andCIA) that began in the early 1950s and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. It funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations.
    Operation Mockingbird recruited leading American journalists into a propaganda network and oversaw the operations of front groups. CIA support of front groups was exposed after a 1967 Ramparts magazine article reported that the National Student Association received funding from the CIA. In the 1970s, Congressional investigations and reports also revealed Agency connections with journalists and civic groups. None of these reports, however, mentions an Operation Mockingbird coordinating or supporting these activities.

  10. Why do they think there will be revival when we are in the age of Apostacy the church of laodicea…we are at the door of Rapture the next faze is the Gospel of the Kingdom that will be spoken by an angel of Heaven over the earth…They say if we just speak about Jesus, but none of these Churches are telling the Gospel and the blood that Jesus Shed for us that its believing in what Jesus did not yourself that saved you according to 1 corenthians 15:1-4

  11. Wow, the comments show that people are so stuck on end times they don't want a revival. Would u rather be right that the tribulation has come and souls have no more time, or pray for a revival so more people get saved. Reminds me of the Pharisees.

  12. CBN These people say they're Christian and wouldn't walk across the street to help a person suffering or a homeless person there a joke. They sit in nice big ⛪ with nice clothes on. And if a hopeless person walked in they would treat him or her like there nothing. Hypocrites you brood of vipers who warned you to flee the Wrath to come😕

  13. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and is soon expected to become the dominant faith while Christianity is dying out.
    There is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him was his final messenger

  14. FYI, i lived in Beijing China from 2013 to 2017, there is already a revival happening. Many Chinese people coming to Jesus Christ, having heavenly personal encounters with God I have never heard of. It is not Christians doing anything unusual, but God doing it. After all He is God and is why we even know Him. I myself had some experiences I can not even describe, because you would not believe me if I told you. One thing God showed me, is do not study darkness, get to know God more than ever, reading Bible and prayer every day (hours, not minutes) it is not be doing it, but time with God, then God imputes into you. The glory of God was and still is so powerful people see it and want to know how to have such joy. Now in Vietnam, I see the same thing happening. It is not new, it is not us, it is God doing it in His time and to bring us into the Temple. Jesus Christ replaced the Temple, we now come to Him and into the very presence of God.

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