Jerusalem Dateline: 8/31/18 Syria-Iran Meeting: Showdown Coming with Israel, US?

A high level Syria-Iran meeting could mean a showdown between Israel, the US and Iran; plus the prophetic significance of Israel’s largest city, Tel Aviv; and a look at how one Iraqi Christian town is rebuilding after ISIS.



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  1. just been hearing Russia is putting 300,000 troops into syria.1000 Fighter jets.. 900 tanks…and a big buildup of russian navy in the med…..china sending jets and iran moving equitment in….
    this aint no drill folks..sep 1st..the biggest show of force since ww2..9/11 just about a week away..

  2. Prophecy of Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38/39 are primed for fulfillment! Russia will lead a multinational invasion into Israel’s north Golan front but will be stopped supernaturally by God via the eruption of the dormant Golan volcanic range there in the Golan!

  3. It is very important to pray constantly for the Jewish people in Israel. But to say that all Christians need to understand Hebrew to know what our LORD GOD is saying through His word is absolute nonsense. The HOLY SPIRIT will teach anyone the truth of the word of GOD. Because you may understand the Hebrew language does not put you back in time so you can understand the times, emotions and way of life in earlier biblical times. What you end up with is mans interpretation. Read the word and let the HOLY SPIRIT be your teacher. Nowhere in scripture does it say we need to learn Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin or Greek. People were taught in their own language the "Gospel of the Kingdom of God". Also Aramaic and Greek were spoken a lot more than Hebrew. Test every word you hear with scripture. According to those who teach that Hebrew is needed, We who don't speak it can't test the words we hear or the spirits (UNBIBLICAL NONSENSE)

  4. Even Prophet Mohammed wrote that the Jews that were expelled by the Romans and moved to Arab and Southern European nations are the people of the BOOK/ISRAEL! Prophet Mohammed only turned on the Jews after they refused to help him conquer the PAGANS in Mecca! He knew that the Palestinians were a European invention! There is NO letter P in the Arab alphabet! There was NO Palestinian flag or freedom fighters until the 1960s! Most Israelis are descendants of the Jews that Prophet Mohammed wrote about in the 600s, surely he was more qualified than people today to depict to whom the land of Israel belonged to.

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