'The Trump Prophecy' Hitting Theaters: How God Told This Firefighter His Plan for America

‘The Trump Prophecy’ Hitting Theaters: How God Told This Firefighter His Plan for America



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  1. Trump confuses people with his words , and our God is not the author of confusion . So I have to ask this…does the Lord allow Donald trump to lie continuously? isn't that deceiving the Lord's people ? Think on these things.

  2. Throughout history the poorly educated, fearful and ignorant have supported psychopaths. Because they are uneducated, they rely on nonsense, emotion and fantasy to "save them" … and when you examine such lemmings' lives, you find that their only real interest is themselves. I strongly suspect that the firefighter who concocted his "vision" is just another con-artist.

  3. ALL ARE VISIONS BUT MOST ARE NOT CLEAR ON HOW PEOPLE CAN RECEIVE GOD'S FREE GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE. GOD commands ALL who claim to KNOW HIM personally and intimately, TO SHOW PEOPLE how they can be born-again, HOW to be saved from sin's eternal punishment in hell. Having not much time left, its best to tell people, those not yet born-again in Christ or still UNSAVED, about (1) God's Free Gift of Eternal Life (Romans 6:23 & Eph 2:8-9) , that (2) its free because As Sinners, WE CAN NOT PAY for the Penalty of our sins because God requires SINLESS Perfection if we intend to enter His Kingdom boasting of how good or righteous we are (Romans 3:10, 3:23, Matt 5:20,48, & James 2:10) and that (3) God is merciful but is also JUST , therefore He must punish sin – Deut 4:31, Exodus 34:7 , that (4) this dilemma of sin in us & its punishment, putting us, sinners, in harms way of God's judgment, was settled and paid for by no less than God's OWN BEGOTTEN SON – John 1:1-2 & 14 , 3:16 , Isaiah 53:5 and the best of all, WE CAN RECEIVE this Gift of Eternal Life NOT BY OUR GOOD DEEDS nor anything that we could ever do – Isaiah 64:6, BUT (5) ONLY by TRUSTING CHRIST ALONE for our eternal life – John 3:15, Acts 4:12, NOT MERELY BELIEVING (James 2:19) but having FAITH in his FINISHED Work of redemption – Romans 10:9-10, John 19:30. ALL WHO TRUSTED JESUS CHRIST for the forgiveness of their sins were given the promise of a place in heaven with God – John 14:2.

  4. We sell this religion " christian " with prize offer. come on ladies & gentleman, young boys & young girls.
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  5. It is so Funny to me that these are the same people who demonize Bill Clinton, But they won't mention anything or will turn a blind eye to what Donald Trump did which is 10 times worse, what a bunch of hypocrites who call themselves christians these days.

  6. One thing you all need to understand is that god dose not care for money and dose not care for poverty and dose not care for United states well being every one has forgotten gods words and what is coming

  7. People repeatedly underestimate and deny God and His involvement in our country! God's Hand was definitely in the 2016 election! That election was rigged for Hillary – which is exactly why the Left and many on the right hate our President with a passion because they can't explain how he won! Wait until the 2020 election! These very same people will have to admit – to themselves, NEVER publicly – God's intervention was definitely in this coming election because this time they know without a shadow of doubt they have it rigged in such a way that there's no way Trump can win reelection! What a sad shame it is that they will still refuse to believe in The Almighty God…

  8. All his other stories never came true o soon everyone will be locked up and all this stuff never came to pass. You know what the bible says about people who say God said this or that and doesn’t come true

  9. This same 'prophet' says John McCain faced a military tribunal and was executed…that the Cancer was fake just to give him an honorable end. The same man says The Clintons, the Obamas and others are going to be imprisoned and charged with treason whose penalty is well known…and that was just this week.

  10. No doubt you will receive a lot of negativity from people over this, but hang in there. I have no doubt that GOD had a big part in Donald Trump coming to the presidency ! President Trump is a strong believer in Jesus Christ and GOD. In short the United States has again been blessed.

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