Jerusalem Dateline: 9/7/18 Paraguay Shocks Israel with Jerusalem Embassy Re-Move

Paraguay delivers diplomatic blow to Israel with Jerusalem embassy withdrawal; and Trump defunds UN Palestinian refugee body hitting the core of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; and Jews worldwide celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.



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  1. Who cares about Paraguay – the fakeistenines have never done anything to build
    up Gaza – we are sick of supporting the haters – they belong in Jordan – look at
    the real history – The leader of Gaza bought a 50 million dollar jet in May 2018??????
    Just where is all that money going??????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Spend your money on your people not on terrorism – grow up – we already gave
    Iran billions – stop whining
    The Phillipines have always been very good to Israel – the Japanese ruined it
    All drug dealers should be shot on sight – their poison kills

  3. Shimon Peres in `1993 signed the Fundamental Agreement with the Vatican which split up Jerusalem and gave them power over the Holy sites. The Jews did not recognise the Pope prior to 1993 and neither did South Africa until Mandela in 1998. Two nations today do not recognise the "harlot" of Revelation 17 is Iran and North Korea. Maybe start broadcasting the PLAIN TRUTH THAT HERBERT W ARMSTRONG would write about.

  4. hahahahahahaha.. very well move .. it shows how they cashed usa and israel. its not a move intend to be proud of you morons. its about the money they will receive after the move. but they did not get any as wished, hhhhehehehe so back to square 1…..

  5. If European Jews can arrive in Israel and immediately receive citizenship based on their belief that their ancestors lived there thousands of years ago …then Arab Palestinians that were removed from their homes when Israel was formed have a right to return

  6. UNRWA is providing relief for Palestinian refugee's and should be stopped. If they are not a country they should not have access to housing and education, keeping them alive and educated just prolongs the conflict. Telling them they have a right to armed struggle and making hero's of Palestinians that have died fighting to keep their homes just prolongs the conflict. Israel is doing it's bit by subjugating and blockaids, it's about time UNRWA stopped undermining their efforts. That's when you have a solution to the "Palestinian problem". When was the last time this sort of strategy was tried? Oh yeah, that's right in WW2 in Poland.

  7. All who bless isreal, blessed one man not the land or people who live there but the dead former jacob so shall they be blessed. How can you bless what God had cursed and removed for disobedience and expect to be blessed back?

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