One Nation Under Xi? This is why Christian Persecution in China is Escalating

One Nation Under Xi? This is why Christian Persecution in China is Escalating



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  1. You can bring down the building, surely not the love of Christ in the hearts of the people, if all the Bibles are burnt, Christ is able to teach His Word to His lovers. The true worship, is in the spirit and truth. The Lord is able to save and keep the youths for His Glory.

  2. The sad thing about this situation, is its happening everywhere but not so upfront. Remember US take praying out the school than they give the American people a new God to serve and that's your phone, Tv show, music, and the American dream which is get Rich. I say this because we put all these things before God!

  3. It's very sad that China has to persecute and punish Christians in this way. The Chinese government is threatened by the Christian community that they will lose power. Christians are serving God and spreading the gospel like Jesus did in his time. The Chinese government will be judged when Jesus returns. May God have mercy on them and Jesus bless his children of God Amen

  4. Bear in mind, from China's perspective religion poses two problems. 1. It preaches an non-party moral code; and 2. worse yet, it provides a meeting place for like-minded people where they can congregate and communicate without CCP oversight. It terrifies them. The CCP can only exist with absolute control.

  5. our heavenly father please glorify your name and give our christian brothers and sisters peace and encourage them, we ray for your mighty hand and that you interfere we also pray for your WILL in our lives give us courage and peace when facing hardships and trails in Jesus name amen

  6. Christians, do not be afraid. Jesus Christ, God of gods, said “If they persecuted Me, they will persecute you too”. Every godless creature will burn in eternal hell while faithful Christians will enjoy the glorybofnGod Most High in Heaven. Pray for the persecutors to have a change of heart but remember this has to happen according to God Most High in The Holy Bible. the godless creatures can destroy every Church on earth but they cannot kill the Spirit of Christ within us. Thank You God Most High. none but Thee Dear Lord Jesus Christ, none but Thee.👍🏻✌️👏🙏🏼

  7. China is using the forces to spread the out dated ideas from Angels. Thease were stollen from Heaven but they are failures. The Fatherson will silenly eleminate China. Shemyaz , Azazel. I hate you. You helped ruin man. How are your rock encrusted faces? I will smash them. I am Malachi Chpt 3. 20 Adar 5777. Elijah and Enoch are with me. The 60 are being readied. Jesus is the FatherSon. Heaven is filling China you are failing. 666rfid , 5g beast, hek293 is what you eat. Searcheth hek293. God is a man eater said Philip. Repent.

  8. Hidden books literal Torah. Here you go ready? Here's where I destroy man and his little religious hustle. Ante Nicene Fathers complete, Pseudipigrapha 1,2 ,Dead Sea Scrolls, Nag Hammadhi, The Super Gospel. Discern the 1000 plus books and Find many of the Hidden keys of knowledge. The Christ cometh lo He longs for you, O Bride of the Ransomed Exalted King of the Glory of Our Heavenly FatherSon. The Apocryphal King Of Glory Jesus. Eyah Asher Eyah

  9. Chinese government should be ashamed ,forces people worship themselves ,they cruel and while represent UN on human right to free believe they do nothing for human kind ,however no pride to honor ,
    Jesus is kinda god he did love all kind of human being no matter color and language ,sincere Christian are peaceful ceremony and not a bomber ,no communist problems ,Christians are not a nationalist so let hope in life no unprejudiced , nobody can destroy God faith without love feeling and sacrifice what made our spiciest on earth greater then the zoo , before world tallest can create ,His creation us ability ,morality that leading world peace ,developed and prosperity ,
    Prayers are always be welcome in and out church

  10. I am Muslim, Christian also people of the book, We will help our Christian brothers and sisters whatever we can..China still under communist influence..and they are people who don't believe in God, that is why they are afraid when we Christian and Islam are increasing in China, the communism will weakening and will affected The Peoples Republic Of China which their pillar stand on disbelieve in God..but Islam and Christian eventough different in practical but we worship same God, in Quran , the follower of Jesus pbuh and Moses pbuh are called people of the book and should be given special treatment than people of Hindu, or Buddha …so here, we Muslim everywhere must help our christian friend to relief their struggle..

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