Franklin Graham on Judge Kavanaugh Accusation: 'Not Relevant'

Franklin Graham on Judge Kavanaugh Accusation: ‘Not Relevant’



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  1. You my dear are in for the shock of your life. This election will be a RED wave.
    Who if they take a breath haven't made a mistake in their youth? That's not saying he did it just turn your head. Her best friend and 3 others say never happened. How is it you demos can overlook facts. Yes, something terrible happened to her. I hurt for her.
    However those who were told by her, said they were not there and it didn't happen. I do not want to live in a socialist country. I want to work for me and not have the gov't take my check and give to those that won't work. I have been in 3rd world counties and socialist countries, have you ? I do not want our beloved country like that.
    I to have been raped. It's awful. She stood in a white cap in front of the White House with her attorney when Trump was elected. She wasn't that little victim she performed on TV. She was yelling and screaming, not the little mouse she wanted us to believe. She acted like she was brain dead. Yet she went on with life and went to college and married and had children.
    Her attorneys and Feinstein and the demo party used her. I'm sorry for that. They should have had the FBI investigation like hundreds of people before her. Sharing with the leader of the other party in confidence and turned to the FBI instead of using her the day before the vote

  2. I couldn't agree more regarding the irrelevancy of the alleged incident of 40 years ago. Do we start disqualifying others in important, highly esteemed positions as well, like surgeons, airline pilots, etc. by thoroughly examining everything they ever did. When I saw this video, I considered what Moses did prior to God choosing him to lead God's people to the Promised Land. The reasonable logic is clear, but politics rules.

  3. Thankyou Rev Graham for speaking the truth and being a voice for what the people of America with common sense all know . Keep speaking against this foolishness and insanity of the liberal agenda. GOD BLESS YOU AND God Bless the USA. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the Life..

  4. How come she refused to face Bret ? It's the American way. He has the RIGHT.
    DEMOS are out of control.
    Sick and ashamed for our country.
    Diane certainly dodging questions. Why would she recommend an activist attorney. The woman attorney is an activist.
    I saw her in front of the White House the say Trump was elected, in a white cap, red faced, screaming to impeach him. His mother ruled against her parents in a case where her parents lost their home. His mother ruled against them. Think she's not bitter ? What better way and ruin his good name to get even with an
    Allegation. Her best friend said didn't happen.

  5. Franklin Graham has sold out to politics. 17 years olds can be tried as adult. So, teenagers traumatic experiences don't account? That is the principle you adopt.
    Wrong message! Not reflected of the Jesus I know who valued women and the abused.

  6. No Evidence! The Lord said we msut forgive and we must not judge. But we do look at evidence. But Kavanaugh ahs lived an exemplarly life and he is trying to do what is right. WE need to know we cannot lok at people's pasts because if we do we need to lok at everyone's livfe in our congress and check back to when they wer children bevfoe we vote on the,m. We must see how they live now too. We know Booker is a " Admitted Groper" So what else is hidden?

    Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery " Go an sin no more" He found men throwing stones at her and so he wrote in the sand " He who is WITHOUT sin ,cast the first stone" they had to ''drop the stones and leave!'' No one was left to judge.

    PROOF does not come after decades of life, and we do not know anyway if the person has changed their ways and repented to the Lord and therefore we have no right to judge them after that length of time.

    No criminal activity found in THIS Case, and he is living a respectful life and teaching Supreme court judge students ,and he is fit for this position more than most. Of course anyone would be angry when you shoot at someone with blaspheme and say things totally wrong against them. Especially if they have worked decades to get where they are, and raise a fine family!

    It is time we put a 'time limit' on people coming up, with things against others, because like Dr Ford they put up " Go Fund Me 'pages or friends do it and they ( well Dr Ford) has already raised over $ 500,000 ( Half a MILLION) and probably more by now! The Dems paid her bills for all the flying, lawyers (said they are not getting paid) and her hotel was paid etc etc. She was treated VERY nice and fairly and she could have had the party go to her but she chose to not have it ( according to documents) and she was found at a beach and not at home in California) So not teaching at this time?

    You can feel sad she is not well if that is the case with her memory just not working for her right now, but she just has not any memory of what happened as of where it happened and the time or place or how she got there or home and evidently no one saw her and she did not see anyone and even her parents did not see her when she got home and she was only 15 yrs old? She never told the school nurse or teachers or parents or anyone and did not go to court to make sure, proof was given and justice done.

    So we can only pray for them all

  7. Franklin Graham you need to do one of two things. Either preach the Gospel and stay out of politics, or run for political office. This country does not need to hear political opinions from the pulpit or our Churches. If it were your daughter or wife, I think you would seriously have a big problem. Two people to opinions. So, either preach or politic. Its so obvious your a big Trump supporter and we know what he bragged about during the game show, on Billy Bush bus and Howard Sterns shows.

  8. A Christian leader should not be involved in politics. If he is than it's a big red flag. Jesus said "my kingdom is not of this world". Gram should focus on the things of God and not worldly politics. Where your treasure is your heart is also. Also, supporting a man like Trump who does not reflect Christian values at a all proves that he's out of touch with the gospel. Trump divides people, is in live with money, and degrades women. Christians need to wake up and embrace the gospel over politics. We as Christians are not supposed to join the world but be separate.

  9. This is a silly charge. It is a childish game against a prestigious position. This exhibits the kind of mentality of one who brought this up. Stop this shameful thing at least now and let Kavanaugh be confirmed. Even if FBI confirms this, it does not make any sense and the charge is irrelevant. It’s quite a laughable thing. Can I know who brought this up and who are the signatories of this issue? Thanks to these great politicians of USA.


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