Christian World News – September 21, 2018

Christian World News – September 21, 2018



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  1. Always remember the media is continuously caught exaggerating weather and faking extremes to try to push the global warming agenda I've seen the videos myself. Global warming is nothing more than a reason to enforce regulations and taxes and it is part of the Marxist agenda (it's a way for governments to control production). God has judged the world throughout the world through all of history using the whether. The true signs of the of the last times are the rampant sexual immorality Pride abortion drug use selfishness child abuse the culture around us that is unraveling before our very eyes is the sign of the end times not the Amplified and exaggerated weather reports which are more like pieces of performance art.

  2. As a christian I reply OPENLY TO moe tav. I stand before the volume of the word of GOD and I take authority over allah mohommad and muslims and I bind you and quran in the name of Jesus the son of GOD we declare spiritual war the wepons of our warfare not carnal but mighty through GOD to the pulling down strongholds principalities powers of hell and I bind allah mohommad and muslims and quran in the name of Jesus the son of GOD what ever I bind on earth will be bound in heaven no wepon fomed against me shall prosper Amen Amen Amen

  3. It's Biblical, an invasion will soon take place. If you don't see this beginning to happen, please call on someone to remove the rock off of you. See the news with the Israel Temple Institute lately???? Are we living n perilous times?? Has Lawlessness increased?? Then we begin to see ALL these signs….look UP!!

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