Jerusalem Dateline: 9/28/18 Netanyahu Reveals Hidden Iranian Atomic Site

Thousands of Christians come up to Jerusalem to celebrate the biblical Feast of Tabernacles; plus Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu addresses the UN and reveals hidden Iranian atomic site; and an ancient biblical tradition – a priestly blessing.



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  1. and it ended up being just a carpet cleaning facility . for the 3 hezbollah supposed missile factories ended up being a football stadium and a giant pool and 2 other who are more like normal building than a place to manufacture missiles .

  2. Wow propaganda trolls working overtime in the comments here. Israel NEVER should have surrendered Gaza or any other land. The area they have to live is teeny. TransJordan was the land given for so called Palestinians. Talk to Jordan about that …

  3. What is Israel so worried about Israel has the H bomb in its own arsenal. Second Syria has just gotten the new S 300 missiles delivered by the Russian Federation. Remember the Russ didn deliver the S 300 missiles until Israel used a Russian plane to hide behind in its latest raid in Syria. It is Israel who shafted herself in all of this, she the only to blame for short-sightedness in this new reality.

  4. Christians need to repent from changing the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. The sign between God and his people is the Sabbath. Are you showing God you want to be one of his people by keep the true Sabbath or are listening to a Pagan Roman Pope that change the true Sabbath to Sunday 350 years after Christ died.

  5. Very simply put: The Israelites mentioned in New Testament predictions are original Israelite bloodlines that still wander about Earth, as predicted. Not the Hasitics, Ashkanazis & Khazars now inundating modern Israel.
    Hasitics: Hasidism, sometimes Hasidic Judaism, is a Jewish religious group. It arose as a spiritual revival movement in contemporary Western Ukraine during the 18th century, and spread rapidly throughout Eastern Europe.
    Ashkenazis: The majority of Ashkenazi Jews are descended from prehistoric European women, according to study published today (October 8) in Nature Communications. While the Jewish religion began in the Near East, and the Ashkenazi Jews were believed to have origins in the early indigenous tribes of this region, new evidence from mitochondrial DNA, which is passed on exclusively from mother to child, suggests that female ancestors of most modern Ashkenazi Jews converted to Judaism in the north Mediterranean around 2,000 years ago and later in west and central Europe. And soforth. Happy? Jeff ouellette! [Ouellette = little eye?]

  6. We have in this world dictators, religions, Banks, Politics making all our discussions for the people and just look at what a message they have made for us, there is massive corruption all over the world. But God will take charge when he decides the time and bring forth a new WORD

  7. Well, Trump… you like a two state solution? Jordan is the de facto "palestinian" state. There you go! Happy now? If you're not happy, you're more than welcome to send all those nice "palestinians" to the US and form a state for them in your country.

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