Iran Sends 'a Shot Across America's Bow' With Missile Strike Inside Syria

Iran Sends ‘a Shot Across America’s Bow’ With Missile Strike Inside Syria



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  1. the great people of Iran have prove beyond reasonable doubt that they can withstand any kind of pressure from the west. I think it is time for the USA to know that IRAN is a sovereign country on it own so u cannot tell them how their country should be govern.#stop the propaganda

  2. .It'll be a GOOD thing to do to assure World PEACE to supply phased out supervised NUKES to ALL oppressed , manipulated ,robbed and BULLIED by USrael countries as: Iran ,Syria ,N Korea ,Cuba , Mexico ,Philippines , Venezuela ,Palestinians , underpaid by CIA ISIS terrorists and many others as DETERRENT against unprovoked aggression !!! ………. WHY NOT ?? — It worked just fine for N Korea for them to scare OFF the globalist yankee thieves from any planed in future attack on them !!! CHEERS….

  3. The entire universe needs to protect Israel since they are God's chosen people who are immuned from criticism, that is why they have hundreds of undeclared nuclear warheads and are a non signatory of the NPT (Non Proliferation Treaty). And the very first people who will fight to the end for Israel are the American Evangelical Old Farts high on Mcdonalds cheeseburgers.

  4. Israel block Gaza from food and anythings get in there, Israel bomb them continuously, Israel attack Syrian government which is fighting terrorists, Israel lobby to sanction IRAN. a peaceful nation. THE QUESTION IS which kind of GOD will help Israel? lol must be very weird GOD.

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