Hungarian Foreign Minister: We Are Fed Up With 'Politically Correct, Hypocritical' European Union

Hungarian Foreign Minister: We Are Fed Up With ‘Politically Correct, Hypocritical’ European Union



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  1. Trump should not be the leader of the right. He is just no leader. A leader with common sense and conviction like Dominik of Poland would infinitely be better. Trump makes the right look like a freaking joke instead of having respect for their common sense and convictions. Out with Trump but the Right should remain.

  2. Kedves Péter…Hàl`Istennek hogy ilyen loser ellenzöink vannak. De jöhet még igazi fajta is… Szoval "Légy résen!" – sajnos – jelszo marad. Szerencsére a sok visszahang nem ér fel a kevés önàllo hanggal.

  3. If you let these people in your country, you don’t need an army any more you have lost your country in a short time , without a shot being fired, leftist insanity, keep strong,🇬🇧✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️

  4. Well done Hungary!!! Respect from the Sikhs!! Do not let Muslims in your country!! Keep it up guys and you will be safer then everywhere that are giving European up to the dirty invaders that are simply carrying out the Islamic agenda to our breed everyone!!!!

  5. Childless Merkel let in 2 million African and Muslim illiterates, mostly young males and orders European states to take these people. They have zero responsibility to those people and countries. Merkel should be kicked assbackwards into Bolivian. lol. She has singlehandedly destroyed Europe.

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