Pakistan Supreme Court Postpones Ruling on Asia Bibi's Appeal

Pakistan Supreme Court Postpones Ruling on Asia Bibi’s Appeal



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  1. Who said to do decisions of God… Are you God? Stupid illiterate first learn Islam when you know that shirk is not forgiveable sin then why you people like her bark on Islam without knowled those politicians who defended her and call death sentence as black law… They're in hell now…. Islam learns us to respect minority…. I respect all religions but when you talk rubbish about sensitive beliefs you will send to hell it's not freedom of speech I love my all minorities cause Islam learns me to respect but Islam said to kill those who do blasphemy cause it's only true religion Muslim respect Jesus more than Christian if we deny Jesus and obey Muhammad pbuh… Then we will also not Muslim….. But now she has only one punishment which is death if a Muslim do blasphemy then Quran orders him also to the panelty of death
    Even Asia bibi said she did blasphemy but this stupid anchor denied…… First take some knowledge our court did this in west pressure but we Muslim live life for Islam not for west…. If you call me terrorists or extremists then sorry I'm proud on myself to extremist for those who are presumptuous…..

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