Christian World News – October 12, 2018

Christian World News – October 12, 2018



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  1. How come CBN dosen't cover news on Aadhaar UIDAI biometric ID system in India 1.22 billion people on this system. Cant buy sell or have essential life needs unless your scanned a man named John Abraham a brother in Christ is fighting this in their supreme court was told his religion dont matter China next in line for this system & all of these people info I believe is going right to UN worth a story this is scary stuff

  2. How can we sit quiet allowing the filth of Islam to take or destroy everything Christians have built and accomplished? We have a responsibility to put things in order, the perversions go unchallenged corrupting the youth. Sure Christianity is about peace but peaceful capitulation is not an option anymore. Mobilise the soldiers of God or sink into Soddam and Gomorrah, the Catholic church is infested with paedophiles/homosexuality and no longer practices what is preached. Islam and perversion need to be purged wherever it infests or be cowards and see your children slaughtered and abused, heaven has no place for cowards that see Christianity as something to benefit themselves, were would we be if our ancestors thought that way? The signs are all there, the end times are upon us and God will turn his back on those that didn't resist.

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