Freed Pastor Andrew Brunson and Wife, Norine, on 700 Club

Freed Pastor Andrew Brunson and Wife, Norine, on 700 Club



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  1. What would it look like if a Turkish representative were to establish himself in the States and communicate with the enemies of the Americans? Unbearable what? America is currently far more dangerous for the people than any other country in the world. And what the two clowns are staging here is tragicomic. If the American audience really takes off what the two of them deliver here, I've long since lost my respect for the American people.

  2. Great interview by the interviewer. Paul has a heart for the Lord and ministry. He was used by the Lord. The interviewer quoted great scripture and gave them wise advise. The Brunson’s should get in the Word more to be able to quote scripture like the interviewer could.

  3. Am sincerely pleased Pastor Brunson is free, but I wonder how many actual conversions he can claim after 25 years in Turkey. I notice that his "people" in Turkey we're only mentioned briefly in this interview by his wife as an afterthought.

    The Pastor's unwelcome efforts in Turkey certainly caused a heap of trouble for the US Government.

    "Harvest" in Turkey? We'll see, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Next time, Pastor, how about just staying home.

  4. I lived in Istanbul 8 years. I was there when the coux happened. I've been following this story for a year. When I returned stateside in Nov 2017 I continued to spread the word of Andrew's family's situation. My church did group prayer for him and we all kept in close contact. And let me tell you something………the day he was released was such an ecstatic, day it was as if the sun came out. I am still floating on a cloud of relief with the spirit of God knowing that Andrew is safe . I know that Andrew speaks Turkish. Turkish people are so beautiful and I love the country. The gov't of Turkey?….not so much. Praise the Lord Andrew is HOME!

  5. People who believe here the Pastor was innocent are truly blind… He was not a hostage nor the court did release him. The facts are as follows, he was convicted however his sentence was carried to time served in prison due to the key witnesses changing their testimonies… Yes that is due to Erdogan negotiating with Trump etc.. but those are the facts.. He didnt get acquitted he did get convicted. He indeed had connections to the CIA over the 23 years. They didnt lock him up right after the coup attempt because he was a christian pastor. That is nonesense. Istanbul 99.9 % muslim however over 10 thousand churches there. So yes it was political as Gulen who lives in Pennsylvania also works for the CIA in many countries.

  6. Andrew, if by some miracle you're reading this, I have been praying for you for the last few months since I heard through a young pastor called Peter Frey (YouTube channel of the same name) about you being in prison. Praise Father, Son & Holy Spirit for your release! I am so happy to see you back in the USA & safe with your beautiful wife & children. I'm listening to your wife mention on this video saying "thank you" to all of us for our prayers. You're very welcome. The last thing I heard was a couple of weeks ago saying you'd been charged with new charges. I was tiredly scrolling through my YouTube feed at 4:20 am(ish) & saw this video come up that you're free. I couldn't be more happy right now! And I'm so proud to hear that a brother of Christ thousands of miles away from me (I'm in the UK) has been so faithful to God through the whole situation. And your situation, both inTurkey & in the USA now has reinforced my awareness God has been giving me this week of me being one of many of His children all over the world united by Christ. I am totally happy & relieved that one of my brothers in Christ is now free & safe. All I'm asking now is, please let us know what we can pray for next for you. And I've just heard that part of the video where you said about loving God & loving others. We're on the same page. Praise God that you're home & safe with your family!

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