CBN News Embeds with the Caravan: What We Discovered About UN Involvement, Foreigners and Felons

CBN News Embeds with the Caravan: What We Discovered About UN Involvement, Foreigners and Felons



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  1. Advice: all you stay home, find work just like all of us. US does not let you in, too many illegal criminals are here already, those will be deported soon. US will have a strong wall to keep criminals out.

  2. Wants a better life of other people's hard work and sacrifice. They didn't attempt to build and grow their country. So now after all years of doing nothing, they want a better life. That is something that you have to earn. They think due to the hard work we have done and all before us, the are entitled to share it.

  3. America turn to the Lord and repent! Mexico Turn to the Lord and repent! Israel turn to the Lord! The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is coming can't we see the times of this Age! Preach the Gospel to these people! Columbine shootings in Denver Las Vegas shootings He was white and Chris Watt killing his wife and kids in Frederick Colo. Wake up America! Every Nation will bow! I repent Lord have mecry

  4. I wAnt to know why don't these people March to their presidente and give him their demands, I just don't understand ,why they DONT their presidente gets a very large amount of MONEY from the U S, GO MARCH TO HIM central American people's,whom ever is marching with them inbed that to them

  5. How about everyone who can trace there families to immigrants coming here to the place now know as the United States of America go back to where your ancestors came from then you want have to deal with immigrants coming to America like your family did 😒😒😒😒😒

  6. Obviously everyone's been saying these are the ones we see but the media only shows us so many coming through and there's thousands of others that we don't know about and they do they are only giving us incorrect numbers because they don't want to start up a panic there are a bunch of scumbag Liars!!!

  7. Don’t you know we’re going to take care of the whole world not the whole world but everybody whatever everybody is makes me sick To know endLooks like to me they’re not gonna do nothing Let them through let them through

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