Former Satanist Warns Christians about Celebrating Halloween

FORMER SATANIST WARNS CHRISTIANS NOT TO CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN: “I was a general to the kingdom of darkness in witchcraft.” – John Ramirez
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  1. Sad. Hellenized Christians who learn what’s “printed” and have no clue what’s “written”. Even God’s people perish. They perish for lack of knowledge. Not an ignorant knowledge, but a rejected knowledge. God’s people perish because they REJECT Knowledge when given to them Hosea 4:6

  2. Is it incorrect to somehow celebrate the night before all Saints day I know its not in the bible but what should a catholic do if its supposed to be a Christian evening or if the Church is saying its a Triudum ( wait did I say that correctly) Thanks for responses

  3. Amen and Amen brother!
    I agree with everything in this video. I wish that Christians would not be so blind and hear this and read their Bible that forbids us to participate with the darkness. We are the children of Light! Thank you so much for this message!

  4. we are not celebrating it. why is this called some sort of celebration. Brother God almighty, you have 25 yearfs of casting spells, 5 spells a day at 365 days a year , 25 years. do yo uknow how many sins that is? life altering sins where you affected someones life directly and deeply? then you tell us we are celebrating one day yet you celebrated 15,000 spells and sins and yet we commit 1, and this is how qwuick you think that only you are forgiven? do you understand this at all? you were one of the biggest sinners on this planet no?

  5. The music is to loud i can’t hear what he’s saying. This information is way to important to have such poor sound under it. I would say edit it again without the music under it. It’s all about the knowledge isn’t it?!

  6. They are two things I do not understand why Christian Americans celebrate Halloween, which is occult and defends the gun laws and weapons? God forbid weapon and kill someone this is Moses law. Look at the name Halloween=Helloween.

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