Joyce Meyer: "My Father Raped Me."

Find out why Joyce Meyer says God used her father raping her over 200 times in her childhood for her good. Her truth will challenge feelings of hopelessness, depression, suicide, and fear. No matter how dire your situation is God can work it together for your good. — Joyce Meyer Ministries #CBNGoodNews



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  1. Wow, my wife was also betrayed by her father who was a pastor. But she received the victory in Christ at 22 and was able to go on picnics with him and his second wife and was also able to have him walk her down the isle. Sorry for my skepticism but I believe that Joyce is jumping on the #metoo movement to make more money.

  2. I assume this is true, but we need to guard ourselves against such emotional connection with someone that we don't hold their theology up to biblical scrutiny. I'm afraid her theology is of concern to me.

  3. Was there ever any evidence her Father raped her? How do you rape a person 200 times and no one knows about it?. No one was around during 200 rapes,no one saw anything, seems like it would be talked about by someone, teenagers usually will confide in someone. * I edited this part because I thought she said one rape per month, but this is actually a greater increase but in a shorter amount of time , so it's 4 rapes per month for a little over 4 years.

    Was her Father ever charged with any similar charge, did he have any kind of past history , any past patterns of any types of sexual assaults ? There is something not right about this story.

  4. Joyce, when I first heard your testimony, it moved me to tears, and still does❤ Praise God that you found this healing from your heavenly father, God Almighty who loves us all so much it's beyond our human capacity to comprehend! I know from experience that the hurts and harm that happen to us on this earth can be a lifetime of recovery….. but…..praise God that he takes us from glory to glory in our healing and deliverance…cause he is love …. amen and amen!!! Joyce, it takes a lot of courage and obedience to share a testimony such as yours and I praise God for the healing he has brought to you, as well as others he heals and encourages through your testimony!❤ You are God's beautiful princess and so are all his precious children- princesses and princes😊 Praise God for everything……and especially for giving us eternal life😭😭😭😭😢😢😊😊😊😀😅😊😊💖❤💖

  5. I was molested by my father and it was a horrible situation that effects you for life, even with forgiveness, we shouldn’t have to be raped by our own parents to be better people ,they are supposed to love a protect us, and there must be an outcry in society for this to stop happening to kids around the world, people need to intervene and protect children, there should be severe penalties and laws,the schools should educate kids on proper touching and have a safe haven for kids to speak up, there is so much education on how to be homosexual in schools, this should be an added topic

  6. I was abused, raped by 3 different men by the age of 5. I went crazy. I was beaten at home visciously, told I was no good was never going to be nothing. Got into drugs at 20. I believed in Jesus through it all. He showed me his love through thick and thin. Never left my side. I know exactly what Joyce means when u go through something like that u understand people's pain. Thank you Jesus for showing me your unfailing love. Forgive me for my sins, come into my heart, I make you my Lord and Savior❤❤❤💗💞💖

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