Canada Becoming a Potential Base for Terrorists to Attack the US

Canada Becoming a Potential Base for Terrorists to Attack the US



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  1. I still cannot comprehend that there is NOTHING we can do with Trudeau. How is it possible for a so called western democracy having its hands tied. Law enforcement should be able to go into the PMO and arrest this tyrant Trudeau.

  2. I am canadian, ashame of it now…. and YES we are a a threat to the States… we are a threat to ourself… our country is being invaded and our traitor of a Prime Mistake is paying for it… with our money!! he is even financing terrorism all around the world with the same money… we are loosing our country and we cant do nothing about it cause pretty much 85% of the population are complete retards!! islam is killing us and soon you… you should really do something about it before its too late.

  3. Canada the US, Britain and Israel are the Terrorist States who have funded and Armed these Terrorist, it was also Trump as well as Trudeau who phoned Israel to rescue these white helmet terrorist,

  4. Anybody wants to know the truth about 911 and these State sponsors of terrorism and who is behind all this Order out of Chaos to take down the West, go to a document called PNAC Project New American Century, and the Greater Israel Project, there taking us down for Global Governance, One World Government, One World religion, there all in it together, so quit allowing yourselves to be fooled by these Zionist media

  5. I totally agree. Canada is all but under Islamic control and will become the headquarters for the new caliphate. Canadian Liberal feminists have all but thrown away the key to free democracy and big trouble is on the horizon. The signing of the UN migration pact next week will open the floodgates to millions of Muslims and attacks on the US are imminent. Our Muslim dictator Trudeau should hang for treason along with his entire Muslim cabinet.

  6. Tredeau's gotta stop letting in the terrorists. So I was working in this restaurant and this hard working man had to be sent back to Armenia but no Tredeau's let's in terrorists and doesn't send them back.

  7. in terms of government, it is intentional. In terms of your average people or government workers its in complete denial. The situation is actually a lot worse. Canadian Government have allowed the islamists entered into the Canadian Military. yes that is correct, islamists and former ISIS fighters and ISIS supports are currently in the military, and recieve military training. When situation gets brought up, its usually ignored or swap under a rug.

  8. Absolutely! We have ISLAM on the northern border and Mexican cartels to the south and BOTH within! We are so focused on the southern border—we CANNOT AFFORD to forget the NORTHERN one!! We now have Muslims AND illegals holding government offices people, WAKE UP!!

  9. Wake up USA our Dictator known as Trudeau has opened Canada up to ISIS Terrorists that are not welcome back to their own countries, so Trudeau invites them to live for free off Canadian Taxpayers. We Canadians see what Trudeau and his Somalian Migration Minister are doing to our country, were not asleep, not the Canadians but were be silenced by The Trudeau Liberal Government, Trudeau hides the identity, where they come from, how long they have been in Canada, we need American help along with President Trump to arrest Trudeau and many Liberal MP's for treason, we Canadians don't want the Islamist and Terrorists in our country, please help President Trump, PLEASE!!!!

  10. Canada is NOT in denial, ONLY Justin Trudeau is in denial.
    The rest of us who are not in denial about these facts are called "islamphobes" by our prime minister and by his Liberal cabinet!
    Voters no longer has a say, Justin Trudeau makes the decisions for us in regard to immigration and how to deal with the radical-islamic question, based on the advise of American Geroge Soros.

    By the way, what does the American governmental administration do in regard of preventing George Soros to intermingle with foreign governments all over the world??? G
    George Soros is not even part of any official government, he is only a private citizen with billions of dollars. IF the American government can't put a leash on him, (it's own citizen! every government should be responsible for its own citizen!!!) how should we, or anyone else?

    And then the American Democrats are pissed up for an imaginary "Russia intermingling with American election", but pay not attention how muck George Soros interfering with many foreign governments election all over this globe! And his intermingling is not imaginary, very much real!

  11. For Trudeau to describe critics of returning members of ISIS as Islamophobic and racist is an insult to the thousands of victims of that group of murderous religious fascists. Trudeau is a vacuous mannequin, the poster boy for a spineless, self-hating, yet self-righteous, authoritarian, dangerous and destructive form of political correctness. Not only has he betrayed native Canadians by allowing this infiltration, he has betrayed secular Muslim and ex Muslim immigrants by actively enabling the advancement of just the kind of Islamism they thought they had escaped.

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