CBN NewsWatch AM: November 26, 2018

CBN NewsWatch AM: November 26, 2018



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  1. If they are causing this type of chaos now, can you imagine what they will do if/when they come into our country!? If they disregard legal processes and have no respect for complying with the laws of the land, that same disregard and disrespect will come into this country with them. They HAVE to be stopped!

  2. they came without plan. Where to stay while you wait to be vetted or accepted. It is said but it is not the fault of our country. It is the fault of their country. America has spent much money to help these countries. what happened to the money. Playing on the sympathy of Americans is not going to cut it.

  3. Hey CBN – – Why don’t you report on the STEALING of women and young girls and boys from the caravan? It is reported on a couple other Christian news networks but not yours. A truck and 2 buses were seen taking kids away from their parents at gun point. This is far worse than the problem at the border.

    IF YOU STILL CELEBRATE THESE UNHOLY PAGAN “HOLIDAYS” YOU ARE SEVERE JEOPARDY!!!! Using JESUS name and likeness to perform PAGAN rituals is an ABOMINATION! Do your research and find out which of the apostles which of the TRUE BELIEVERS has partaken in the “winter solstice” CELEBRATIONS THESE EASTER , EGG HUNTS, HAM DINNERS, come on NOW PEOPLE YOU ARE DECEIVED and it has made it into your HEART if you are BLIND to these abominations! Do your research to the origins of gift giving, tree cutting, lights and candles, silver and gold, ( nothing to do with wise men) wreaths, red eggs! Bunnies, Jackolanterns, disguises, sweets!!! WAKE UP HEATHENS!!!! You are NOT CHRIST LIKE doing these HORRIBLE actions! JESUS IS COMING STOP DANCING AROUND THE GOLDEN CALF
    STOP IT NOW!!!! REPENT for what you have already done
    There is NO CHRIST in Xmas
    No Christ in EASTAR! Even thanksgiving is a celebration of death and genoside, murder and deceit
    You must all repent NOW!!!

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