'All Nations' Defends Slain Missionary John Chau: Island NOT Off Limits and He Took Steps to Keep fr

‘All Nations’ Defends Slain Missionary John Chau: Island NOT Off Limits and He Took Steps to Keep from Infecting Them



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  1. How can this Christian station LIE so blatantly and leave facts out the report
    John lied to the government and bribed fishermen to take him there in the night to avoid detection
    The spin on this by this moderator is all deflected since they know John lied
    You lie … John was not A missionary… did he have zeal..yes.. but to hear how he immune himself to go there even though travel is Restricted (facts don't seem to matter)
    Why do you have such hatred for the Sentalinese that you all are lying openly
    Now you all want to evangelize them …where were you for the past 60000 years … they aren't that old physically… evangelizing them will take years ..that is if their island isn't over taken by golf courses…hotels and businesses … if you want to evangelize them make sure corporations and colonism don't kill them out
    Why is God only to talk one way
    What if God is asking us to take a look at them and ask ourselves if we are really doing everything right… and which branch of Christianity will be taught to them
    The just live by faith…
    The moderator is circumspect too…

  2. why they are not mentioning that entry to this island is restricted by Indian govt. he intruded that place and he got what he disserves. He bribed the local ppl made them corrupt, created a chance of disease introduction which may kill them like smallpox which killed thousands of native American. Even he was alive he will be serving time in an Indian jail

    sorry for being harsh but its the truth.

  3. If you guys think that John Chau was crazy, you are also saying that Jesus, Simon, Andrew, James, John, Phillip, Thaddeus, Bartholomew, Thomas, James, Matthew, Simon the Canaanite, Luke and Paul are crazy too. All of them died like John Chau for spreading Gospel.
    If these people are crazy and have nothing but love and prayers for the people who were killing them then this world would've been a better place if all of us were crazy like them.

  4. If you actually do research, you will find that this tribe was contacted in the 1960's … Many airdrops were made, including 121 bibles in 62 languages, so misinformed John died for nothing more than Instagram photos…sad.

  5. Mary Ho sent John on a suicide mission…. It's time for her to Join John in Hell..!!! Watch out for stray bullets,Mary…….We ARE coming for you..!!! It's time for Mary Ho to pay for her sins, Our "Missionaries" are on their way to Kansas CIty. .

  6. There are plenty of homeless and poor in the USA. Why aren't these missionaries helping the people here? But, no, let's go to places where people don't need help and try to save them from themselves. It's not murder, those natives were defending themselves. Now maybe the USA will see what it feels like to be on the receiving end of the "Stand Your Ground" law.

  7. That's some bull! All nations do not support Chau. He's an invader, he's gay, he's mhmra, he's not a missionary, he's not a preacher. He's just an Asian that used jesus to get free trips around the world. When that arrow struck that bible, it was a sign to abort his selfish mission. After past experiences, blacks are aware of people claiming to be Christians but are infiltrators. You people are the true pagans. White people, keep your pointy noses out of blacks business. Too many of your people are perverts and murderers. Oh, and you failed to mention their last experience with outsiders when 2 of the elders died because they were kidnapped and got sick from being around nasty disease filled Europeans. Brought the 2 young sentinelese back and from that point on, no white people allowed. Tell the truth for once caucasians…

  8. There is nothing any religion can do for these people..if they've been surviving for over 60 thousand years without modernism and any of the 3 major religions it's obvious they're doing something right..THE MOST HIGH has allowed them to sustain a pure bloodline for all this time..Christianity has only been around for a few thousand years. Whereas this tribe has been on this Island for 60 thousand years..There is no MISSIONARY from any religion who can teach these people about how to live and any type of God. If anything they are the ones who know how to live in peace..The fact that they've survived so long without any gospels or other religions should cause people to question the validity of any of these religions. Tribes around the world have been wiped out upon allowing these doctrines into their lives. I would rather take heed to the teachings of my 60 year old grandmother than take heed to the teachings of my 2 or 3 year old little sister. It's obvious their doing something right to have survive this long..They could be that last RIGHTEOUS tribe that has stopped GOD from destroying us all.

  9. The Sentinelese are afraid of outsiders because of what happened in the past with British occupation but this isn't British occupation. It's just a single missionary who took all precautions (especially with health). He was not going there will the flu or something. Other missionaries have gone to remote islands with no issues – John Paton is a good example of that. He went to the New Hebrides. And what about Livingtstone? Were the people in Africa he was ministering to immune? Was that even an issue? However it was illegal for him to go there but only because of nonsensical outdated law based on phobias. It's no different than in the first century when it was illegal to preach the gospel for various reasons mainly though because it meant choosing Christ over Caesar. If Christians had respected that law or those laws there would be no Christianity. I should also mention Anti-Apartheid and the Civil Rights Movement all involving people who broke the rules for the greater good. I feel like our world is going backward in their thinking now or maybe they are just hypocritical.

  10. Chau was a reckless and careless adventurer. He could have wiped out the Sentenelese with disease. He violated Indian law. The Sentenelese have every right to defend themselves on their island and they don’t need adventurers trying to force Christianiy upon them.

  11. He said the leader of Ecuador eventually became Christian, yeah then the people were killed and their land stolen. Thats the definition of colonizing. First the bible (infested with diseases) is given then once under their spell their land is lost. The art of war. Factual and traceable evidence worldwide. We could learn from the untouched black people which this is obviously is what its about. Racist people in charge do not like free indigenous black people and having land. It threatens their leadership and their cover up lies. These people's dna probably holds truths and the evils are desperate to stop it. Well they are too late. Leave those black folks alone.

  12. it was illegal he didn't have a permit that's why seven people are being arrested who were involved in bringing him to the island a bunch of other people warned him against it saying it was illegal he understood it wasn't safe he had a past obsession so he knew. and people who did have a permit weren't allowed to actually set foot on the island. he broke laws and to be honest they've been on that island for longer than your religion has been formed leave them alone.

  13. The most important thing is that the islands have not had any contact with the outside world. This means that they are not immune to smallpox, measles and similar diseases. A nearby island had contact with the outside world and was almost exterminated by diseases. The reason why it is illegal to visit the islands is for the islanders' security.

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