Is Canada Even Still a Country? How Canada's Identity Crisis Could Threaten the US

Is Canada Even Still a Country? How Canada’s Identity Crisis Could Threaten the US



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  1. Little Fidel is following in his legal and biological fathers' footsteps. The Trudeaus have been on a mission to destroy Canada and it has ultimately been embraced by even their political opponents because of political correctness. As noted in the video, to speak out against the destruction of Canadian society will have you labelled as a racist, so even so-called Opposition politicians avoid doing so.

  2. We're like a messy pile of leaves strung about the landscape in late fall. What comes after Winter though? even though she can be long & hard you have to look forward to endure. This Christmas a representation of what we could be is on doors of Good Canadians all across the land. A WREATHE! A beautiful sign of unity, where every leaf has it's place & is put into place in a cohesive arrangement. That will be us. God WILL keep our land Glorious & Free, through you and I. The only thing we gotta do is show up.

  3. Canada losing its Calm and Politeness and Friendliness Nature..
    Bad Relations to the 3 Economic Superpowers- USA by Opposing Trump so many times in Elections…
    India by supporting the Terrorists and now
    China by arrest of Meng..
    I feel like the Regime has to introspect itself to Make good Relations with these and come out from the Slavery of Queen…

  4. I am an Indian living in India. Once I saw a post on Facebook where a Canadian MP was looking like a clown while attempting to dance on Indian tunes with bunch of Indians. I commented that I am an Indian and it's stupid of him and he should just chill and be himself and let my contrymen celebrate your culture. That was good enough to trigger an army of LIBTARDS to start reacting. One of them said, "if you don't like our inclusive culture please don't visit Canada" And I was like, "I would love to visit a country where MPs dancing on Indian tunes, and you completely missed the point sweetie".🤦

  5. Canada was founded on Christian values….merry Christmas! We have core values Trudeau removed them 10 dollar bill removed our father of confederation for some random woman who did nothing for Canada…removed our first PM john McDonald

  6. It is inevitable that Canada will turn into a collection of self-governing entities. Canada has effectively zero identity because the state has always defined what Canada is. As the state retreats and the void left behind is filled with other self-governing aspirants, Canada will cease to exist as a single entity. Canada has no way of enforcing its existence because it has no military of any strength. Get used to it.

  7. Nope, this is not Canada anymore. When I was walking through the Mall, I said "This isn't Canada anymore" ton the person I was with, as I looked at what was probably 70% Brown skinned individuals. The whole "Diversity" thing, that is being sold as something good, is a Trojan Horse!! This is a War on the White Race. Just look what's going on in South Africa, with White Farmers. Why don't you do a Story on that?

  8. I have been to both United States and Canada. In United States everyone has to adapt to values of the USA, so everyone share somethings which are common. But in Canada there is no culture of it's own, no language, accent of its own. It's like multiple countries in one country. So ppl don't mix well with each other. USA is truly a melting pot. But Canada I don't know it's confused and losing it's identity

    This experiment is gonna fail

  9. Trudeau is ruining Canada, he's already damaged it so much, I have a hard time recognizing it from even fifteen years ago!

    Now, I'm all for immigrants that come motivated to integrate but ONLY in small numbers; immigrants should never make up more than one percent of the population. It's not about hatred or dislike of other people, it's about loving and wanting to preserve our people.

    True, ethnic Canadians are the descendents of British and French families in Canada pre-Confederation as they put the government together, created the laws, architecture, culture, etc. True Canadians are not aboriginals either; aboriginals are native to the land, not the nation itself.

    Again, nothing against others but we have a right to preserve our own, and other nations have that same right. I think the same should apply to Poland, Namibia, China, anywhere in the world. They have a right to be themselvss and not, for example, be taken over by Canadians.

    Canada is a white, Western, Christian nation and we need to fight for that back. Again, a minimal number of foreigners who are very motivated to adopt Canadian values (this is usually people from other Western nations) and mix with us are welcome, but the focus should be on our people.

  10. I hate to say this, but we are quietly paying very close attention to what's going on up there, and the government in Ottawa is becoming incompetent to the point where the United States may need to take matters into our own hands. We are well aware of the issues and your concerns. It's not just immigration or fear of terrorists, but a whole litany of strategic issues are rapidly presenting themselves.
    The United States is facing serious future global strategic and economic competition. We simply cannot allow Russia or China to gain a strategic foothold in the arctic. The United States will inevitably need to annex everything west of Ontario to the north passage. Our global strategic needs are far too great. The fact that Canada has been living under the United States defense umbrella for over 70 years with very little contribution needs to come to an end. Eastern Canada has been living under the US defense umbrella long enough, and they have been sucking off the teat of Alberta's oil revenue transfer payments to feed their aging socialist population. Frankly, everyone's getting a bit fed up with it.
    Canada has the worlds largest shoreline, and only 8,000 sailors to defend it. Canada also has the 2nd largest land mass with some of the most important natural resources in the world, yet only 75,000 soldiers to defend it. I'm sorry, but a nation that cannot defend itself is not sovereign. In reality, Canada really hasn't been truly sovereign for over 70 years. It only exists because of the United States as a over-seeing protector. Pretty soon you all may need to get used to the idea of statehood.

  11. Besides Quebec, Canada has NEVER had an identity. Canada has NEVER been a country with a sense of itself. It started as a British settlement, populated by the British colonials who didn't have the stones to join with the 13 American colonies and fight for their independence.

    Canada became a confederation when the British Empire had declined to a point where they could no longer manage the land in North America. They left the nest reluctantly, and even today they have the queen on their money.

    Even today, the only way Canadians are able to define themselves is to compare or contrast themselves to the United States. If you ask a Canadian what it means to be Canadian, they'll tell you about gun laws and healthcare or maybe make a joke about hockey and syrup. But beyond the obvious comparisons with the USA, there is no identity or sense of purpose that, outside of Quebec, unites and defines the people of Canada.

    That's not really a criticism, but an interesting observation nonetheless.

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