Trump: Is a Border Wall Effective? Ask Israel

Trump: Is a Border Wall Effective? Ask Israel



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  1. 🙂
    Christmas is cancelled; Santa's in rehab
    He cooked a designer drug, there in his lab
    He tried it on Blitzen and helpers and elves
    Now they're all wasted, no toys on the shelves

    El Chapo and Ma Claus are making some trades
    Rudolf's nose shines on new drug-muling sleighs

    Santa's boy Junior is panicked; he called
    The DEA, FBI, ATF all
    But their jurisdictions are not north enough
    And they are all Democrats, try'n' to jail Trump

    Christmas is cancelled; Santa's in rehab
    They named the drug "Plohsee", new from the lab
    Soon we'll be needing a wall on the north <<<<<<<<<<<
    But "walls are immoral," so let the drugs pour

  2. Let's make sure we see the difference between israels wall and any that may be put up here. israel shoots innocent people that approach the wall in protest of the decades of land theft and oppression. We aren't a terrorist nation so we can't do that.

  3. We all know a wall work and is not immoral or is a raciest for building a wall to protect the southern border of the United States.

    The reason I know walls work is because all the democrats that are against the wall have walls around t heir mansions, as well as armed guards to patrol them

    I agree with the president, the Untied States need a wall to protect it's southern border. He need to continue to stand his ground and be strong on this situation.

    Before Israel built it's wall it was continually over ran by illegal aliens from border countries. As indicated, the rate of illegal aliens where the wall has been built is less than 1% ONE% one percent.

    The Vatican has a wall built around it, there are no illegal alien problem there, as the pope is very well protected.

    So for the democrats to say the wall does not work and is immoral is just a LIE.

    The same democrats that are currently against the wall, a couple of years ago was for the building of a wall. This was a bi-partisan enactment.

    Now these same individuals are against the wall.

    I found out how you are able to get the wall built and have the democrats be in favor of it.

    Donald Trump should immediately go to the Oval office and be on live TV and make a speech and say, the wall on the southern border should not be built. We n o longer need the wall for any reason. We are able to control and handle the flow of illegal aliens at the border if we hire an additional 25 border guards and employ 2 more drones.

    The democrats would come out of the wood work with Donald Trump is an idiot and do not know what he is talking about. We need 10 billion dollars to build the wall, which we will pass in the house in the next 3-4 hours and send to the senate. We need that wall. It is imperative for the defense of our country.

    We want to protect each and every citizen of the United States. We take our jobs serious, even if the president do not. He does not have the interest of the citizen of the United States citizen.

    We took a survey a few hours ago and 80% of the citizen the United States want a wall. We will build 'that wall on behalf and for the American citizen. We stand firmly with the citizen of the United States.

    For the speech the president made, he should be impeached. He is colluding with the Mexican government and is a spy for the Mexican government.

    As a matter of fact the entire cabinet are spies for the Mexican government and all should be recalled.


  4. Yeah i dont think Palestinians have billions of dollars to dig tunnels and fly planes like the Mexicans, does the president realize that Mexicans have profesiinal minors at their disposal, and don't forget corrupt border officials that are the reason so much drugs pass threw the border everyday.

  5. Israel oppressed Palestinians with there arms power and whole world acting like I didn't see anything. Fear God and the day of judgement.
    When feraun (Pharaoh)slaved Israelites and killed their children how can you forgotten that history.
    God is control everything.

  6. Where I live, there are 13 state and federal prisons a short drive from my house. They all have walls and fences. Every person inside of them want out. The walls are 100% effective in keeping them in. Only prisoners in transit outside the walls ever escapes, about 1 person every 5 years or so.

  7. It's a fence on one side. Makes sense. The wall is to stop the terrorism and military attacks. That makes sense. What doesn't make sense and would be a RIP off that trump is good at is a $5billion wall to stop immigrants. They can easily build a fence like Israelis to prevent immigrants from crossing illegally. That would be way more cost effective and smarter. I think trump is trying to line his pockets some more with that BS wall.

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