CBN NewsWatch AM: January 1, 2019

CBN NewsWatch AM: January 1, 2019



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  1. I thought "Indians" Native American's were banned from being President? To be honest it's time Native American's were allowed to run for President. Given the fact the United States has violated the Treaty between the US and Native American's on so many occasions it feels wrong for the US to use that same treaty they keep violating to prevent Native American's having a chance to run the Government.

  2. Christians should not be enticed by the world's version of "empowering women." The world progressively pushes women into being strong like men & aggressive & powerful as some form of liberation, but God explicitly expresses His desire for women to be humble & modest & don't forget submissive to their men as well as in the church.

  3. At the day of the inauguration of the brazilian president, CBN comes with this old, stereotypical "reportage". Give us a brake! give Gods people a brake! We celebrate and REJOICE we kicked out all the communists from power after 13 years! we rejoice the 5 days visit of the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the strong alliance and brotherhood that just began! People in Brazil have been praying and working hard to see this day. And we will continue. Not one image from the inauguration…..tss…tss….poor journalism

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