CBN NewsWatch PM: November 3, 2019

CBN NewsWatch PM: November 3, 2019



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  1. creepy – I don't believe this is anything but a coincidence but OMG WTF. It covers all the things that have flared up since: trade wars, Syria, Iran. China landing on the moon with a rocket! 3 sisters (3rd) that are orphans. 44 in the phone number on the add. Football in an add. It also has Russian and a holy war vibe going on. Holy molely.

    I am worried and I don't believe in this kind of thing at all.

    Do you think they will cancel now we know?

  2. It's Nov 2 why is this being launched a day early 24 hours early looks like fake news f**** propaganda CIA set up to me what is this s*** you guys making sloppy mistakes and releasing your fake news too early

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