Israel Strikes Iran in Syria After Iran Launches Rocket at Israeli Ski Resort

Israel Strikes Iran in Syria After Iran Launches Rocket at Israeli Ski Resort



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  1. Propaganda for starting a war with Iran is there any hard evidence for Iran launching missile at Israeli civilian territory?

    Notice the way the report is constructed…. Israel said, that Iran did….

    This game is getting dangerous

  2. Biblical message of repents
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  3. The practice of arbitrary raids by Israel on Syrian territory should be halted, this country should not be allowed to become an arena for closing geopolitical accounts.

    "We do not change our position on this issue, it is based on the principles of international law and the practice of arbitrarily launching attacks on the territory of a sovereign state, in this case on the territory of Syria, should simply end. long term of any of the Middle Eastern states, including, of course, Israel "

    "We urge everyone to think about the possible consequences of provoking a new spiral of chaos in the Middle East"

        Russian Foreign Ministry.

  4. You stoled the land remember don’t believe god but the invade you you asked clemency from Germans and now give the to every that’s not like you criminals with no conscious how can you people be so blind no more humble and kind

  5. About the so called Iranian missile over Golan January 29 2019. Those with a little IQ, so it's a simple matter of reveling. When the sun is high in the sky, then the sun is normally in the south, it is impossible that the sun can stand in the north-east, which is the direction of Damascus that Israel claims that the missile is shot from. And we first see that a missile comes close to the sun, it means south when the sun is so high the January 29, then Israel shoots up a missile that goes in about the same path as the first missile, but I see no hit of The missile, so the Iron dome is not much to brag about, when it can't hit a so called Iranian missile, though by the way, Iran has much higher missile technology than Israel has. But, just wanted to explain that this is fake, there was never any Iranian missile, in case the missile would come from the opposite direction, or rather from the north east, on the way to the south, south west. Yes, it was Stupid of Israel to make this fake propaganda video when the sun was up, everyone with a little bit of knowledge is reveling the event in 2 seconds!
    Scum detected and reveled!

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