Israel Uses Engineering Innovation to Save a Shrinking Sea of Galilee

Israel Uses Engineering Innovation to Save a Shrinking Sea of Galilee



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  1. This lake wont be totally dried up. The group that will dried out that lake is Ya'juj & Ma'juj. They will come down from a high mountain, and will rush towards the lake, and drink it all up till its dried. Its now, the lake is at its stopping point.

    Stages of Qiamah.
    1) Dukhan
    2) Dajjal
    3) Isa A.S
    4) Ya'juj & Ma'juj
    5) Khilafah Stage of Isa A.S (Fair World Order)
    6) Isa A.S Passed away
    7) Suttle air that Allah sent to take all lives of the Believers.

    And lastly, no more Muslimin & Muslimah in earth, thats where the non believers, Dajjal Followers, will see the wreckage of the world.

    Hope the info helps. Wallahu 'Alam.

  2. Their mixing sea water more and more but it is not the water they can drink the more water you add from sea water the more it will be wiped a small island had already raised up the time will tell and only Allah the almighty the mercyful knows what gonna happen in Quran hadis it is already written that this galilly water is gonna dry so whatever you do it will dry it's Allah talas command so isreal you cant fight with God who is my and all humans creator who could build anything out of thin air and you r using his creation for your mechanism to built submit to him before it's too late may Allah subhana rabbul tala give you hedayath and eyes to see the truth

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