Trump Celebrates Efforts to Put God and Bible Back in Schools

Trump Celebrates Efforts to Put God and Bible Back in Schools



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  1. HalleluYah!
    Father bring Your Holy Word back where it belongs, everywhere. Thank You Father. In Jesus' name. Amen.

    Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. For
    God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son that whomsoever
    believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16 For God
    did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the
    world might be saved through Him. John 3:17 In this is love, not that we have
    loved God but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our
    sins.1 John 4:10 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans
    3:23 Jesus Christ came to save His people from their sins. Without the shedding
    of blood there is no forgiveness of sins. Heb 9:22 Christ loved us and gave
    Himself up for us. Eph 5:2 Christ died for the ungodly. Rom 5:6 In Him we have
    redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to
    the riches of His grace. Eph 1:7 Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah, the Son
    of God, who fulfilled over 300 prophecies, who came to save His people from
    their sins and from the wrath of God to come. Jesus was born to a virgin, lived
    a sinless life, willingly went to the cross to die in our place, was buried in
    a tomb, rose from the dead on the third day, and was seen by many over the next
    40 days. He ascended back to heaven in the presence of many witnesses and is at
    the right hand of God the Father interceding for the saints. Jesus will return
    soon to judge the living and the dead.

    The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now He commands all people
    everywhere to repent, because He has fixed a day on which He will judge the
    world in righteousness by a Man whom He has appointed; and of this He has given
    assurance to all by raising Him from the dead. Acts 17:30-31 We implore you on
    behalf of Christ be reconciled to God. For our sake He made Him to be sin who
    knew no sin, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.2 Cor
    5:20-21 And there is Salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under
    heaven given among men by which we must be saved. Acts 4:12 Salvation is by
    grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, but you must repent and obey
    Him. Believe, repent, endure. Now is the day of Salvation. 2Cor 6:2 It is a
    fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Heb 10:31
    peacewithGod . net (I am not affiliated with that site.) Follow Jesus
    ONLY; HOLY BIBLE ONLY. To God alone be glory.

    “I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.” Jesus Christ Luke 5:32

  2. I wish that was in Poland too as this country is deep in catholicism and mary's cult, not many people read the Bible so prayers for this country for waking up and for hunger of True Word of God are more than very appreciated 🙏

  3. Crazy isn't it, the most corrupt, covetus, thieving, lying, womanising, adulterous conman president in US history wants to put the bible back in schools. Looks like he trying to buy favor with the evangelists. I just pray he takes time to learn how to read properly as he sure needs to get educated in the teachings of the new testaments and learn some piety. Jesus was everything that Trump isn't.

  4. just do NOT force the teachings to those who dont want to learn im a christian but it should be optional to learn the bible in public school not a requirement forcing your religion on others is useless God even says im gonna paraphrase of course "forcing someones love is useless to me cause they dont truely love me since they were forced to" so do not make it a requirement make it optional

  5. We should study of our natives' religion first if want to understand the birth of the US – the first inhabitants. History is marred by errors & we don't study how our settlers sold & killed the natives. If we follow the bible teaching should unlearn the lies? As for Darby & Scofield bible reference texts, both should be thrown out. Look up CI Scofield before you subscribes its words. For organization to support war on Venezuela (Hugo Chavez) , as a dictator to his people?!?! Look into the mirror first. Does truth still matter?

  6. I will Pray That Bible Everywhere in Shcools around the world in Jesus name Amen 💯🙏🙌📖this will be Awsome And Great.
    Proverbs 22:6 New Living Translation (NLT)

    6 Direct your children onto the right path,
        and when they are older, they will not leave it.

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