First NY, Now Virginia: Democrat Proposes Bill Pushing to Abort Babies 'Just Seconds Before' Birth

First NY, Now Virginia: Democrat Proposes Bill Pushing to Abort Babies ‘Just Seconds Before’ Birth



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  1. All I can say is wow. Basically what I take from this is that a woman can have a child. Then a few minutes, hours, days..(in the meantime the baby will be kept "comfortable" while his or her right existence is pondered.) Sounds like something adolph hitler would stand and applaud for. Keep the blue eye blonde haired and kill the rest. This makes me sick.

  2. I remember for years how I believed Democrats and Republicans were equally bad. I still hold Republicans are bad, however Democrats have sunken to a new extreme, much worse than Republicans.

  3. Her face said it all when confronted by the truth
    Democrats are total hypocrites while up for n arms when there is a school shooting which no one wanted to happen no mater what political spectrum you are or when a child died during custody because they where dragged through the desert they have no problem killing babies

  4. On the same day (Jan 9) that Democratic Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran introduced a bill (House Bill 2491) that would legalize abortion up until the moment of birth, she also proposed a bill (House Bill 2495) to protect a bug. Ms Tran said; “This bill helps to save our birds and butterflies by protecting the fall cankerworm (caterpillar), an important food source for birds and their young during their breeding and migratory season. How sad it is that this poor lady and an increasing number of other liberals like many in New York value cankerworms more than unborn children. Just last week the State Democrats in NY state rose to their feet in thunderous applause and even lighting up the WTC in pink lights to celebrate the passage of a law only slightly less restrictive than this Virginia bill. What has our nation become??

  5. These insane wimen claim its their body its their right ok lets carry the fetys ling enough to put on life support then put mom to death your body is the the only one you get a choice about

  6. How we went from abortions only being done in the rarest and most extreme circumstance to wanting to allow abortions to take place at the latest possible time in the pregnancy as possible to even post pregnancy blows my mind.

  7. The Opposition Media/Fake News and Fake journalists and The Radical Democrats are "PROTECTING" Two Klan Members…Virginia Governor Ralph Northam …Virginia AG Mark Herring… and a Serial Rapist…Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of Virginia…..Radical Democrats are the Party of Late Term Abortion, Slavery, KKK, Antifa, MS-13, BLM, High Taxes, Open Borders, Karl Marx/Communism, Lawlessness, Racism and Crime! "Always accuse your victim (or your adversary) of what you yourself are doing." “Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty” The Opposition Media/Fake News and Fake journalists and The Radical Democrats are "Truly The Enemy of The People"

  8. I am not anti abortion but this is inhuman – where the hell has their morality gone. I cant believe this has become law in ten states – and as for the clowns that are campaigning for POST birth abortion – who on earth elects these people because they are as much to blame

  9. Demon-crats. Did you see that demon fighting her God given soul at 1:47. It was gut wrenching for her to say. We will all be judged for allowing abortion to exist in our society. God have mercy on us!

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