Change Your Diet, Change Your Life: Dr. Perlmutter's All-New 'Grain Brain' Revolution

Change Your Diet, Change Your Life: Dr. Perlmutter’s All-New ‘Grain Brain’ Revolution



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  1. My BP and blood sugar was so high that the house nurse wanted me to call for an emergency ambulance. Doctor wanted to put me on meds which I refused all of them. Changed my life style. After 4 months, everything back to normal but lost 12 lbs. Sugar, refined processed food, and stress are the culprit! What are the the side effects of these drugs? What are the side effects of not having sugar, refined processed food? Make a sound and educated decision. Sometimes life is in our own hand? I know it is God but there's consequences in our decisions. ☺ (just saying )😍😍💖

  2. He does look a bit like a skeleton, but that’s because he fasts a lot. And does aerobic during the day. But look at his brain! He is going for optimal intelligence and he has it. I DO believe his information! Makes sense. I’m currently listening to “ Grain Brain”… whew. A lot of very detailed medical info that I don’t need. But certainly exposed gluten to me! Gooey stick together stuff. Thank you Dr. P. For caring about humanity! Big drug companies surely do not.

  3. Wish he’d talk about not swallowing poison. (Alcohol) Which is simply a highly addictive poison. No, it actually does NOT allow you to relax. Nothing beneficial to alcohol at all. Interesting that there is a huge movement in Great Britain about how GREAT total sobriety is! And it is! Once you stop swallowing poison (in attractive packaging) you won’t believe the difference in the way you feel! I think Dr. Perlmutter is simply taking it for granted that anyone who wants to be healthy knows not to swallow poison (alcohol- wine) or eat sugar.

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