California Megachurch Pastor Takes Own Life After Dealing With 'Mental Health Challenges'

California Megachurch Pastor Takes Own Life After Dealing With ‘Mental Health Challenges’



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  1. Most of the population is on drugs (prescription or not) and those drugs cause a lot of suicides. But, the real problem stems from not having a "real" relationship with Jesus. If ppl look to the world for their happiness and fulfillment, they will never be happy. Life is full of disappointments and failures. So, when ppl make this world, their main or only focus, they are going to be depressed. But, when ppl make Jesus the most important part of their lives, they will have peace. Nothing in this world matters. All that matters is the life outside of this world. Once ppl realize that, it's easy to get past life's disappointments. We are fulfilled through our relationship with Jesus.

  2. Why would someone turn their life over to a counselor? We are supposed to turn our lives over to Jesus. He's the only one we can trust to make decisions which, are best for us. Only His answers are trustworthy. Only He can truly understand our struggles. Only He knows what the real solution is for us. Nobody should trust another human to make those kinds of decisions for them. May God bless everyone, whom reads this.

  3. There's nothing wrong with suicide after age fourty. Life is killing us everyday anyway. If you're young, then I don't condone it. Life is short, brutal, we age horribly in decaying bodies. All humans do is work and pay bills in ever declining bodies. Life sucks, and we live too long. Humans should die by our fifties anyway. If God exists he's brutal for creating such suffering

  4. so many people feel trapped in places they hate. no joy or love. get the toxic people and places out of your life. you will feel great happiness again and wonder why you lost so many years feeling depressed. drop the guilt and shame that toxic people made you feel in the first place that you carried for years.

  5. It’s easy to play armchair therapist or to be one of Job’s “friends” as you look down at someone suffering with depression. Just to silence the critics…Unless you’ve been through the “Valley of the shadow of death,” PERSONALLY…then remain SILENT.

  6. Thank you…thank you…thank you to the wise and the merciful for not being judgmental, critical or self righteous as many commenters here have been.

    I’m just beginning to walk out of the valley of the shadow of death. It has been a period of deep depression and severe anxiety. But through the Lord’s help, kindness of friends and family, a wonderful therapist, doctors and medication, I’m coming out.

    Right before this happened I rcvd a prophet word, “You are going on a journey, a trip, but the Lord is with you.” Also others in times past which said “You will reach out to a hurting community,” “Become a part of law enforcement community that will touch many spheres of the community,” “You will offer a shoulder to cry on, and the arms of comfort.” Do ya think maybe God is preparing me to help the helpless?🤔 I believe He is.

    Unless one has walked in the shoes of another, their self righteous words of discouragement will be nothing more than a painful echo like the sounds in a white washed tomb.

    On my worst day I began to feel physical symptoms in my body and my balance. My friend drove me to urgent care. The doctor asked me if I pray. I said “Yes, are you a Christian?” He said he was and then asked if he could pray for me. That’s when heaven opened up for me and things started to turn around. I wept with my face buried in my hands. Jesus was letting me know that HE is leading me through this journey to heal my past and then to help others who are hurting.

  7. Unfortunately California docs have a reputation for giving meds that don’t mix. Find out the meds the pastor was on. Famous people with unending funds commit suicide. The meds don’t always help and can make depression worse.

  8. My sympathies for the family they're in my prayers. The ministry of Christ is a CALLING not a VOCATION most pastors operate in the flesh and not in the spirit. Most church structures are out of order as they make the pastor the front man. The apostle Paul outline church structure clearly in scripture and we tend to do our own thing.

  9. I get so tired of people blaming the victim. All you have to do is pray??? How many here have had clinical depression? Being a little sad from time to time is not clinical depression. Doesn't it occur to you that the medications may have been made, because God knew how many depressed ones there were to be in the last days? By praying and doing nothing, not accepting medications might just be sinning against the holy spirit, because of not doing something for yourself. I've been there and done that. I am here today because I wasn't so holier than thou not to take meds., when Yashua knew that was the help that I needed. When you pray, you might try to do something to help yourself, and Yashua will be assured that your truly meant what you say in pray. Don't believe everything you read on the net. There are a lot of nuts out there, the Deep State for one, that want you to be miserable. Off my soapbox on this subject. It just angers me how many naive people are out there You know very well that if you break a bone, it needs set. I suppose you do that all by yourself.

  10. Sadly many pastors have read God's Word enough to pass seminary exams and assignements, but never to find God's heart for themselves. It's only when they do the latter that they are filled with the life Jesus promised his life would bring. If they had truly read the word, then they wouldn't war against 1 Corinthians 14: 1 and God's power. "Man does not live by bread alone, but by EVERY word that proceedith from the mouth of God." Mattthew 4: 10

  11. Be it believer or non, both are facing the same challenging lives, but the way to handle the challenges is different. Believers count on the Holy Spirit to deal with their lives situation and that is the difference…

  12. Committing suicide is a faithless act the Bible says believers have a sound mind I think Issac Newton , Chuck Missler are examples of the modern christian life scripture says prove all things doesn't mean to ignore math and science almost all of modern tech was birthed by believers , things changed around the 1900s when Einstein wrote the miracle papers and the world took over even when Galileo invented the telescope and the Andromeda Galaxy was observed in more detail one of the first reactions was God didn't create that starting mankind down the path of evolution yet the Lord said everyone one of your hairs are numbered he wasn't just talking about one person I believe he meant everyone that has ever existed and everyone that ever will exsist ,if you multiply the potential number of people by the average number hairs on your head which is about 100,000 and include all the animals hairs that is a huge number I believe that is almost a prophecy Him knowing in the future of man's tech discovering there could be a trillion Galaxies and multiply that by stars and planets moons asteroids I think the numbers would close to the same that to me is astounding because God deals in massively huge numbers plus people keep multiplying while the universe has a limited amount of matter when the Lord said His Father dwells in unapproachable light He is saying God is infinite yet in math infinity is mostly used in integral calulus yet this person says no difference between believers and unbelievers well if your a believer infinity in eternity is yours , the unbelievers have only eternity without the Lord

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