'I've Parted with My Better Half for a Little While': Pat Boone Remembers Wife, Shirley

‘I’ve Parted with My Better Half for a Little While’: Pat Boone Remembers Wife, Shirley



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  1. Sorry About Your Loss. I Lost My Better Half August 25, 2014. We Were Married 47 Years. Started Going Together In High School Also. My Late Husband Has Been In Heaven
    5 Years Two Months & One Day. It’s Very Hard Without Them. May She Rest In Peace.
    God Bless You. Prayers

  2. i did not know Shirley was an author. i never heard of MercyCorp. Now IFCJ i have a heart for Israel. Rabbi Eckstein reached out to me in Chicago and blessed me and i have always had a heart for Jews anyways.

  3. The Baptism of The Holy Spirit is the game-changer. Yes. lol. Very true. Praise THE LORD. Kim Clement has prophesied of seeing our nation changing because of it. Research that Pat Boone. Sending love…..

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