President Trump: All Children, Born and Unborn, Are Made in the Holy Image of God

President Trump: All Children, Born and Unborn, Are Made in the Holy Image of God



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  1. those lazy Americans wanting everything for free when they have many ways to get a job but choose not to! But they choose to apply for all government help food stamps, medicaid, and abuse disability ect I'm sure immigrants are grateful for the opportunities unlike most Americans.

  2. even the high and mighty have to face God someday. Animals can take a dump and not have to wipe but humans have to wipe. It's God's way of keeping us humble and reminding us who the boss is. I wonder what he thinks about abortion and the people involved in it.

  3. And the rest of the world's children are also in the image of the Creator/GOD?
    How about south American refugee children? And middle eastern children?
    Rwanda's children ?
    Ex Yugoslavian 's children?
    Korian's, Vietnamese 's
    Children oh Hiroshima and Nagasaki ' Europisn's???
    If so Stop the hate and make way for God's children!!
    If Not then stop BS, please!

  4. Why are the women in white not standing up? Why is Nancy Pelosi not standing up does she not realize and the others realize what these children what these babies mean? They really don't know anything do they. I am not one of these women I would be ashamed if I was just to sit there. God Almighty knows that I am not for abortion.

  5. Im glad my mother gave birth of me, Im a funny 58 year old man now, But believe me, I enjoy looking with my eyes on how beautyfull the Nature and many things are, Thanks GOD for my mother, and for the criminals, I have a prayer for them" PLEASE GOD, WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK TO TAKE US TO YOUR KINGDOM AND TO DESTROY THOSE WHO DESTROY THE EARTH? WE ARE ANXIOUS FOR JUDGEMENT , PUT A SEAL ON THOSE WHO LOVE JUSTICE AND RESPECT YOUR CREATURES."AMEN

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