Israeli Scientists Claim to Create Miracle Drug That Completely Cures Cancer

Israeli Scientists Claim to Create Miracle Drug That Completely Cures Cancer



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  1. Pity they didn't take years to develop lab to preclinical trials for the harmful vaccines that are a blight on society today. Causing massive amounts of health issues in all countries and waiving any detrimental side effects of these vaccines to any court trials by the Gov't. Whats up with that eh? I'll trust something coming out of Israel before I trust anything coming from US or China etc.

  2. As a 2 time cancer survivor & someone who has lost so many friends & loved ones to cancer, I pray to God that this information may be true. I want to see a cure for cancer. I don't want anyone else to suffer the pain of the cancer, the pain of treatments, and the pain at the loss of loved ones. I want to see a cure before I die. Amen.

  3. Sounds like a typical canned response from a U.S. medical "expert". I bet this drug will turn out to be the real deal and it will not take very long to get to market in Israel. This is what U.S. citizens are up against – their own medical mafia who are bleeding cancer patients dry with massive price gouging and conflicts of interests making mega billions of $$ to keep cancer patients sick. Long live Israel!! and blessings to this highly gifted scientist!

  4. May the Living GD of Israel keep blessing his chosen people the Jewish nation , since we have become a light of hope to the world and sharing our blessings with everyone. To the BDS and the moslems here that are so angry, I suggest anger management class and furthermore take 5000mg of morphene and wash it down with a glass of vodka and it will takecare of your anger towards us for good.

  5. I hope that a cure for cancer like that arrives sometime in my life before I die. It would be wonderful that this new miracle drug did cure all types of cancers at all four stages and never return again.

  6. Today’s doctors and pharmaceutical companies do not want, I say it again do not want to cure cancer. It’s their money maker. They been receiving money from the American public since 1950, and here these two guys in a small laboratory came up with a practical theory that needs to be proven. I am sure the pharmaceuticals have already developed this, but they will not release it ! I just hope these two guys don’t get bored out by the money grabbers. ( pharmaceutical companies, and a great of doctors and surgeons)

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