'Lord, Uphold Him. Protect Him From Evil': CBN's Pat Robertson Prays for Brazilian President Bolsona

‘Lord, Uphold Him. Protect Him From Evil’: CBN’s Pat Robertson Prays for Brazilian President Bolsonaro at Meeting with Evangelical Leaders



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  1. May Father God Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, guide us and protect us all!! In every nation to every single soul, human if they so willingly and voluntarily invite you in there life’s father god. As we believers pray for all!! As Father God and Lord Jesus Christ has commanded. In Jesus Christ. Amen

  2. President Trumps 1st God Given Miracle

    Trump 1-12 The Miracle of the 70 Years. In the first year and 12th month of Trump Presidency he went to Jerusalem and with Prime Minister Netanyahu by his side he announced to the world that an American Embassy would be built in Jerusalem. What they did defied a 128 Country United Nations Vote, and in the process fulfilled Bible Prophecy. Luke 21-20 "But when you see Israel surrounded by armies."Done on the cusp of Christs Birthday and on the Eve of Israels 70 year Birthday as a Reborn Nation it was viewed by One Billion Christians and Millions of Jews as a Blessing from God. It also echoed from the Bible in Zechariah 1-12 The beginning of the story of the freedom from slavery in Babylon, and again in Mathew 1-12 also a recitation of the 70 years in exile and subsequent freedom after 70 years. Zechariah 1-12 for Jews and Mathew 1-12 for Christians and Trump 1-12 symbolizes the bond between Christianity and Judaism as he blessed Jerusalem simply with an Embassy. Yet it caused such an uproar among the enemies of our God. Clearly God and Jesus gave Trump their Blessing in this Miracle, so we must expect our good President to bear forth another miracle before his time. For what tree gives up only one fruit? So go forth and prepare a place for another miracle from God through His good Servant President Trump. Behold! For even Moses was first given a slighted miracle to test the mettle of Pharaoh, and then after the Lord sent forth His Might!

  3. 💥trump says he never forgets and doesn't forgive, how does that work with Jesus' words on forgiveness 🤔 i truly can not believe people that call themselves Christians support trump

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