'There Are Bodies Floating in the Water': Heidi Baker Pleads for Christians to Help Mozambique After

‘There Are Bodies Floating in the Water’: Heidi Baker Pleads for Christians to Help Mozambique After Epic Cyclone Kills 1,000



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  1. It's true…. the main media was giving live on New Zealand BUT this disaster which took thousands of life is not highlighted and help is not given from other nations including New Zealand and other rich countries… not forgetting the murders in MALI…. WHY NOT HIGHLIGHTED…. All lives matter to GOD…

  2. of course and yes sad. but did bodies have bullet holes as the many reports that came out of Harvey hurricane. atbleast some rescuers were stating they saw this as bodies floated by. no pictures. looters love to use disasters for their gain.

  3. Iran Australia Saudi Arabia Indonesia all have water issues of big proportions. Australia still in summer weather and floods. disasters world wide. u tube w water on the wall who are keepingbup w world news it's clearly birthing pains forvchrists return. his magnificence and holiness with power this fallen world can't withstand

  4. The death toll from all disasters is a very terrible thing to deal with. We have been seeing so much of it that the news doesn’t want to cover it very much because it is sad and depressing. They don’t like a lot of negativity in the news like that. Real life doesn’t interest them 😢💔😡

  5. Every time there's a disaster in those countries millions up on millions are sent by the west in aid, while their tyrannical corrupt government leaders keep all the country's riches for themselves in offshore bank accounts and live in the lap of luxury, Yet we have to fund them in every disaster while they are not held to account. Our governments are just as bad!

  6. It's sad… Because people like myself want to donate money. When you don't have a phone contact which I have tried to find for world donations you can't trust where your money is going. Set the websites up better and more donations will come when people know it's not a scam

  7. the American people are still waiting for aid we're still waiting for that Ronald Reagan trickle-down effect where the poor people were supposed to finally get a fair shake after the rich people got all they want it instead they brought in 50 million illegal aliens to take all the jobs and all the welfare

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