San Diego Border Tests New Wall in the Midst of Crisis That's Creating 'Huge Vulnerabilities'

San Diego Border Tests New Wall in the Midst of Crisis That’s Creating ‘Huge Vulnerabilities’



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  1. Thank you President Trump for the wall. Please add camera on top and with sensors. We are the most strong and powerful country in the world . Why we don't have immigration laws? Why our boarders still open?

  2. The wall needs to be built California where I live is now filled with homelessness which basically leaves our state in crisis, their just left without hope ! Many of my family’s Mexican, but we know people need to be vetted, plus the sad fact is children are at risk, trafficking and drugs are rampant! Democrats don’t care about these people they want votes, they are losing Latino’s who see the truth ! We’re not racist my family’s Mexican, White, African American and Asian to say Trump or Republicans are racist is a flat out lie !

  3. Ya'll do know that all our ancestors were immigrants right? Like–unless you're Native American you're not from here and this isn't YOUR land! Also, the U.S. stole land from Mexico–it originally ran up way higher into the South than how it is now. Have fun wasting your millions of dollars on a wall that people will get over instead of using it to care for the people that are already in this country✌ Maybe ya'll should start funding the education system so you can all start making intelligent decisions cause as I see it–statistically, the demographic of most of the people who voted for Trump are caucasian and have less than a college degree let alone a high school diploma, so isn't that telling?

  4. The Soviet Union was able to imprison their entire population except a few escapees for 40 years and America isn't allowed to just make it harder to get through? I think its clear that walls work if you want them to.

  5. ALL in all the dems are just another brick in the Walll, 🎵♩🎶….They scared they will b looking in instead of out, their beady lil eyeballs peeking thru the fence to see AMERICA IS GREAT AGAIN,, DEPORT DEMS😆

  6. Go Trump. The wall is what we want the wall is want we need no more illegal immigrants allowed cross the border you get your head blown off that's the way it should be why should the illegal immigrants be able to come and take the American people's jobs in money I am for you trump. Go Trump 2020. Trump and only trump that's get

  7. In summary: This was a waste of many that is only there as security theater.

    "it raised effectiveness from 10% to over 90%" – please stop believing people who speak like this. The man is protecting his job, not his country.

    He used multiple logical fallacies, rather than actually give a demonstrable reason for why it was necessary.

    If goats can cross freely, why can't people?

    Clearly, if the old walls weren't working, why would a new wall work?

    Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is a sign of stupidity.

    If America was truly afraid of foreign invasion, we'd use explosives to create an new river that ran between the town Mexico. A natural barrier > tall metal.

    My humanmade river concept is superior and would be more cost effective than a wall, yet a wall was built instead.

    You don't even need a tall ladder: Grappling hook has been used for decades. If you can climb a rope and toss a heavy peice of metal far enough into the air, you're over the wall.

  8. The video literally shows goats crossing freely and an ice agent saying it doesn't work: People get through.

    All you need are a pair of feet and you can go around the wall.
    All you need is some rope and a chunk of metal and you can get over the wall.
    All you need is a ladder and you can get over that wall.
    All you need is a couple grand to fly to cuba then fly into USA.
    All you need is the desire to be free from oppression and persecution, and America will welcome you (that's on the statue of liberty)

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