Earth's Magnetic North Pole Is Shifting, Prompting Fears of a Coming Global Chaos

Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Is Shifting, Prompting Fears of a Coming Global Chaos



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  1. Why don't they spend a 100 billion dollars or so on making the entire grid EMP proof????…. kill two birds with one stone! Just set aside a fraction of the yearly military budget, which is absurd.

  2. 90 degrees shift California will go sw Canada will take its location. This is exactly what it will be an extension event watch the Corey Goode videos most like et help afterward. There is info look for it

  3. We are energetic beings it's been proven that our hearts produce an electromagnetic field around our body known as our aura this magnetic shift will affect us in more ways than just damaging our technology it will change our dna people should be made more aware of this

  4. The pole shift will occur in a day, the information is out there if you look, the year is 2045. We are just now starting to see the hints caused by the sun every 12,000 years which is moving the pole slowly right now and creating crazier and crazier weather leading up to a major event. Research the 2045 project where billionaires and scientists are trying to download human consciousness and upload into cybernetic machines. Odd year to pick….2045, but it's because they know that is their only chance before 99% of the population is killed again.

    Research the doomsday seed vault, the mountain bases, the underground warehouses, etc. These have been prepared for decades and strategically placed because we know from ancient scriptures, ice cores, etc, we know what the position of the earth will be facing the brunt of the sun's pulse and being turned into hell, vs the where the oceans will move, 1000 mph winds etc.

    The only safe place to be is inside a few mountains on the earth that will not be hit by the oceans or destroyed by the winds, or on the 60% that will be burned into glass. They have been preparing this for decades when they first fully pieced the puzzle together in the 1950's. That is where the missing trillions of dollars have been going, buying the survival of a select few thousand elites, scientists, engineers etc to rebuild.

    Multiple civilizations have been destroyed by this and reset to zero. It's in the bible, it's in cave drawings, it's why the pyramids were built long before we are told in order to hold and preserve the information.

    If you believe as you should that your soul is eternal, there is nothing to fear if you will be alive at that time, and it is a great gift to know the day it will end for sure. Now is the time to ask yourself seriously, what are you doing with your gift of life now? what will you do with it for your last 25 years? The signs will come more and more over the next decade and beyond, they won't be able to hide this from the masses much longer, or hide behind "climate change" because the sun will begin growing in size in the sky slowly until it's micronova.

  5. well other scientist are saying there is proof that every time the natural pole shift happens! that that is when things die out on a big level like dino's and such!… and if this is natural makes sence that this would more likely be why they died out.

  6. Who says they will 360 flip? it is predicted the new poles will be in the equator and the geographic poles will want to be within 25 degrees of the magnetic poles like most of the solar systems planets which means our Earth may stop spinning and flip putting Australia where the north pole is, that would be catastrophic to life on Earth, secondly the amount of solar and cosmic radiation hitting Earth right now is off the scale because we need our magnetosphere to strengthen the Earths thermosphere which protects us from this radiation, it is actually much much much worse than what this video is suggesting and even I am saying because we are in an extended solar minimum, you may know it as Greta's global warming but she is an idiot, the Sun is doing this and nothing to do with CO2, every planet is warming up but no cars or cows on other planets.
    Good luck people because we are going to need it!
    PS that Dr Hugh Ross is talking out of his arse, we have never been here before, there are no records, we don't know how this will pan out.

  7. Soon the oceans will rage and send tidal wave after tidal wave crashing into the fertil sands of every beach. Volcanoes will erupt with the force of nuclear warheads toppling cities and economies. Stars will begin to fall from what we thought was an outer space but come to realize they are prison cells opening up loosening the fallen ones unto the Earth to wreak havoc on all who have not been sealed with the mark of God. " The Holy Spirit " Floods , tornadoes , hurricanes , hail storms will rip through open country annihilating all hopes of produce and wild game. The sun will turn black and the moon blood as Kings and Queens run to the mountains to flee in hiding.. none will escape. The Earth will be torn in twain like a wet napkin soiled in grease from the fastened tyrants who rule.. Before all this though , the fallen will come and offer peace , eternal life , prosperity , and freedom from guilt. We will continue to be ourselves up to this point , uncaring as an aged politician secure at his office chair. Wanting only for ourselves , living to please our vanity and lust , estranged and diluted , confused and devoured by the luminous new attractions of the latest technological gadgets at hand. Live laugh die.. This is our fate. 😂👍 Jk. Idk. But Jesus knows. Seek Him.. 🤗💓

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