Muslim Tells Christians: 'We Tried Warning You,' It's Time to 'Wake Up' about Threat of Radical Isla

Muslim Tells Christians: ‘We Tried Warning You,’ It’s Time to ‘Wake Up’ about Threat of Radical Islam



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  1. CBN I know you do remember that we are not fighting against flesh and blood? This is sad. Let he who lacks wisdom ask, it didn't mean go ask man it meant ask the Lord. We are broken how can we fix anything that is broken.

  2. I STRONGLY REBUKE the DECEIVING Spirit of Muhammad who manifest in the heart of the Muslim people. I REBUKE it in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS. Be destroyed and stop DECEIVING people. JESUS is COMING SOON to Judge the living and the dead so better to REPENT now for still have time.

  3. The Baha’i Muslim people found refuge and protection ………… in Israel. Yes they can live in peace in a Christian and Jewish countries, not in Muslim. That tells you everything you need to know about the religion of peace. Also look up this imams videos, the stuff you’ll learn will make your skin crawl.

  4. To this so called peaceful muslim, simple question: Why is it you flee your own country and cede it to the extremists to come to the west and moan about it? Why don't you fight back yourself? Western Europe is falling and rightly so…the rejected God years ago. In the US we still have Catholics and the Evangelical crowd that will fight and look out when they do!

  5. They take over and DESTROY! Who wants THAT? It looks like hell, all destroyed and dead! What is that even about? A mental disorder? They're taking us back to the stone age, if they let us live at all! Big buncha whack-a-doo freaks! They need re-programming!

  6. I was muslim but i converted to chritianity because islam religion is very bad and muslim think that their religion is good but if they really understanded the quran they will know the truth and also i know arabic and i live in islamic country اهلن كيف حالكم and my friends and family are becoming christians in my country

  7. Wow, what utter rubbish. Does no one know about the bombing of the King David Hotel, the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty? September 11 wasn't muslims either, but Israelis framing Arabs AGAIN. It's what the Khazars (fake Semites) do. They're behind Hamas, all Qaeda and ISIS too. They're satan's chosen. People need to do some hardcore research! Revelations 2:9, 3:9 & John 8:44. Galatians 3!

  8. Sorry you never warned us. I believe you stood by and were silent on the subject. I tried to warn people because I am a practicing Christian and was laughed at by the muslims around me. I am 66 years old and very non combatant but I was never listened to.

  9. There is no such thing as a radical Muslim…only followers of the warlord so-called prophet who stated clearly in their books to fight all nonbelievers. Islam will enter our societies and destroy everything from within.

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