'An Islamist War Against Jesus': How This Imam Is Fighting Radical Islam to Build Peace with Christi

‘An Islamist War Against Jesus’: How This Imam Is Fighting Radical Islam to Build Peace with Christians, Jews



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  1. These extremist muslims are not killing the Jews they are only killing the Christians and the zionist Jewish movement in Israel hate Christians and Christianity .My opinion both are waging war against Jesus .Anyways Jesus said ( you will hated because of my name )

  2. A good Islam is A dead Islam. Islam will isimilate with host country laws. Islam will not bow to other countries flag .islsm must kill all INFIDELS. Islam do not need to keep promise made with infidels. A good Islam friend will turn barbaric toward his 20-30yrs Christian neighbour and kill them. When the koran is in other preacher hand read out their law to a good Islam friend of your.

  3. When you read the Qu'ran you can see that jihadists are true worshipers of Allah. Don't believe this man, whether he speaks truth, unless it's the whole truth it's a LIE!
    The man in this video is selling a "reformation of muslims" because "islam isn't broken". That is supposed to buy more grace in nice little pc countrues for this cancer to establish a foothold for good??
    No. Islam needs to be BANNED in countries built on christian principles because islam and State (government) are inseparable & islam + democracy clash.
    Ban islam. That's what he needs to preach!

  4. Your Virgin Mary (Mariam) is the sister of Aaron and Moses, that is not true even for the Jews and Christians.
    So how are you fighting radical Islam? when your believe is the same as those radical?

  5. Imam Tawhidi is doing a good job but has chosen to stay a muslim. His birthplace has been what was then called the plains of Shinar. Just one question for him: is he of Assyrian lineage?

  6. I can accept peaceable religions/neighbors. If people can accept our Constitution as a safeguard for them and us, I am great with those people. I choose to only tolerate their religion, cohabitation the same country is fine with decent people.

  7. Yes it is true…. MBS is doing a great job….. He is trying to integrate Saudi Arabia with world…. He is on investment spree in unconventional regions….. South Asia n South East Asia speaks volumes of his efforts, he knows to see success in his endeavors he has to remake the image of Saudi Arabia that it is no more ultra conservative state…..example is Primarily women are being given freedom in gradual pace, today you see lot of Saudi women are seen in private sector, which was suppose to be impossible before his arrival in the scene……. Comparatively Saudis are pure in heart compared to other systems in East n west which are corrupt to core.

  8. Nothing in Radical Islam is contradicted by the Qu'ran. The moderate Muslims either are not real Muslims are they are lying about what they believe. It's why they clamp down on any discussion of doctrine in the media. They can't defend the Qu'ran.

  9. I'm not a Christian, but… How many times did Jesus instruct his followers to kill people? How many times did the Buddha instruct his followers to kill people? How many times does the Koran instruct Muslims to kill people? Just wondering…

  10. pure truth, the muslims arent commenting on this one, they know he speaks the truth. deport all radical imams/muslims and prevent others from saudi to come in to preach hate thats the way to go…

    The reason i laugh at that racist white man/woman that always attack the black man, especially in the u.s. Trust me skin colour is the least of your problems..
    Few decades from now the u.s and europe will be like the middle east, by then it will be too late…
    Worry about islam and one other set of people, Not another religion, another set of people..
    Wont mention who these people are!

  11. The 1st trip Trump took to Saudi Arabia & told them they had to drive the extremism outta the lands or the USA would be walking away from the Arab world. It was one of Trump's best ever speeches as President.

  12. According to Quran 2:216 fighting is prescribed. It's something mandatory for Muslims.

    According to Quran 4:95 Those who refuses to fight are not equal to Muslims who do fight. So Allah thinks less of non-violent Muslims and thinks more of violent Muslims.

    According to Quran 9:73 it says, "fight against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be harsh upon them."

    To put Quran 9:73 into proper context, a hypocrite is a Muslim who doesn't practice what is taught by Allah. So this passage says to "fight (aka kill) against disbelievers AND hypocrites…" this passage pointedly makes a distinction from the disbelievers and the hypocrites. So any Muslim who disobeys Quran 2:216, 3:151, 4:95, 8:12 & 9:5 and all the other violent commands of the Quran are considered to be hypocrites and are subject to the death penalty.

    This Muslim “Mohammad Tawhidi” attempting to warn us is a hypocrite who deserves to be killed according to the Quran. He is a lesser Muslim.

    Not all Nazis killed someone. Not all KKK members killed someone. But yet these people still chose to be apart of that ideology which makes them just as culpable of murder. So the same concept of all Muslims. Not all Muslims have killed anyone, but they understand fully the bigoted ideology of their faith and yet they still chose to be apart of that ideology. That makes them just as culpable as ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Hamas. They may be lesser Muslims according to the Quran but that doesn’t make them any less guilty of the crimes committed by Islam.

    There’s no such thing as moderate Islam. All of Islam is extreme Islam. PERIOD.

  13. Thank you for exposing all the stream of the Terrace but I know that the heavenly father YHVHיהרה he can use anybody does schoeneweis the truth and what is not YESHUA say that will be warnings brother against brother Nation against Nation just keep on praying and Trust to the Lords throw off Messiah YESHUA princes of peace

  14. I just love this Man… he has such a good heart to do what he's doing. I pray Jesus reveals himself to him once he's done doing what he needs to do against Islamic terrorism being an Imam…

  15. Tawhdi has an hidden agenda and he is a self proclaimed Imam but is really Zionist instilled actor and they are indirectly creating hatred towards Muslims and Tawhidi is based in Perth and how he came to be who he is a big puzzle .He is now surrounded with fame and money, With all due respect to all Righteous and Peace loving people ,This Guy is really a Well orchestrated actor or a plant by the Zionist or vested interest to destroy a community ,Need to investigate him his back round from where he came and how did he land here who funds him…

    Love Humanity,There are 1.6 Billion Muslim’s and they are not invading any country but their countries and invaded and all their wealth shared among the powerful nations and their land is stolen but still they are living with absolute trust in GOD who created everything seen and unseen….

    They are fighting invaders,Facing bombardment by the Zionist controlled Media,Death by white supremacist …Remember that We live a short life here hence please do not get deluded by these performers preaching hate in this drama what is Important is embracing each other as Humans

    no one can live in this Universe as single person or single nation because nothing belongs to you every thing belongs to GOD ALMIGHTY,only few hundred years ago it was the land of aborigines and they embraced the Brits and same like Indians embraced the Europeans in USA

    Nothing is permanent only your Goodness and Righteousness and absolute trust in GOD ALMIGHTY knowing that we belong to him and we return to him matters

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