Christian World News – May 10, 2019

Christian World News – May 10, 2019



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  1. Pls pray for india 3 times a day
    My father started bible school in the 90s it's getting very tough financially physically mentally please pray everyone don't need any money this is our family tight just pray thx u

  2. As being an Indian I desire to serve the people for the Lord one day to enable them see the one and only true God.
    To God be the glory for His mercy and love towards His Children.

  3. Love for Christ from reborn Indian…. pray for our country..their r millions in India who have turned to Christ..which world media r Google doesn't no..but in birth certificate it will be mentioned as Hindu which v don't bouther ..including me my family and many…..v came to Christ not by seeing christans around the world but by seeing Jesus as savior…. glory b to God

  4. God said in his word, choose now who you will serve. In the last days we will know who was with us and who is of us. May heaven be filled to such capacity that the new heaven will be made even larger.

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