'Sabotage': Saudi Oil Tankers Damaged in the Middle East, so Whodunnit?

‘Sabotage’: Saudi Oil Tankers Damaged in the Middle East, so Whodunnit?



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  1. Only the USA, following the orders of Israel, threatens. Iran is peaceful and has not attacked anyone (in the last 40 years it has been attacked by Iraq, Israel and the USA). Americans have to use their head more

  2. This was a very warm atmosphered broadcast (not the content particularly, but the casters and the presentation) Oh, that’s right, that’s because it’s Christian haha makes sense. I love you guys. 💙

    Signed~ A citizen of Israel

  3. Instead of covering women up wouldn't it be better to teach men to control themselves? Are Muslim men so weak that they are sexually aroused just by looking at a woman? Very foolish. Ahhhh but I forgot. For them it is still the seventh century.

  4. This so called attacks, it is very vague reporting, what type of attack, what damage etc etc there a news reports presenting no news, it is really weird. Were magnetic mines placed on the hulls ..? Seems like through a lack of forthcoming information that this is a set up. Also be aware when an event such as this occurs it is usually to take attention away from something happening elsewhere!

  5. oh shut the f** up Saudi Arabia and Qatar they said that they are spending hungred of billion dollars for weapons and why don't they just fight back to who ever did stop crying like a f**king babies

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